Destiny Daily 12/19/14: You’ll Need More Patience and Time To Get What You Want From Xur, Daily Bounties

Destiny Daily

Last night I joined up with some clan members (Better Hide or Die) and a couple of randoms from DestinyLFG (I’m not sure which one) and we ended up downing Crota, literally, on both of my Hunters. Both times I got the same rewards; shader, emblem, 3 Ascendant Energies, and the Song of Ir Yut machine gun. As my mic doesn’t work at the moment and I was the only one with a fully maxed out upgraded Ice Breaker, I was on Boomer duty (which was fun). We tried to do it legit, and despite coming extremely close failed. So we ended up doing the ultimate, lame cheese of having the host disconnect to permanently Crota down on one knee. Loot is loot though, so I’ll take it however I can get it. Was really hoping for a shard though, or something I could dismantle for a shard. And a Black Hammer, I really want that gun too. Xur is back in the Tower today, so we won’t waste anymore time.

First up, Xur’s black market:

Xur’s Exotics

Exotic Item
Ruin Wings
Titan Gauntlets – In The Garden grows a tree of silver wings. The leaves are ruin, the bark disaster.
13 SC
Knucklehead Radar
Hunter Helmet – You can see the point, right? Who wants to team up with one?
13 SC
Claws of Ahamkara
Warlock Gauntlets – Look at all this life, oh bearer mine. There is so much left to burn…
13 SC
Patience and Time
Sniper Rifle – If you’ve got it, they’ll never see it coming.
17 SC
Exotic Shard
A remnant that almost seems to have a life of its own. Can be used to unlock the full power of Exotic gear.
7 SC
Exotic Engram
Helmet – The Cryptarch in the Tower may be able to decrypt this object and reveal its contents. (Random class).
23 MOL

Xur can be found in front of the big gate across from the room the Speaker is in. Nothing for me this week. I did spend 12 coins buying up heavy ammo synthesis. It’s really a great deal; five packs for 1 coin. I have 60 heavy ammo packs now, and still have 60 coins left.

These are the items that Xur has available to upgrade for the original item, 7000+ Glimmer, and an Exotic Shard:

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Hunter Chest
  • Lucky Raspberry – Hunter Chest
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Titan Chest
  • No Backup Plans – Titan Gauntlets
  • Heart of the Praxic Fire – Warlock Chest
  • Sunbreakers – Warlock Gauntlets
  • MIDA Multi-Tool – Scout Rifle
  • Universal Remote – Shotgun
  • Plan C – Fusion Rifle
  • Thorn – Handcannon
  • Super Good Advice – Machine Gun
  • Truth – Rocket Launcher
  • Monte Carlo – Assault Rifle (PlayStation systems only)

You need to have the exotic that you wish to upgrade equipped. I may upgrade the MIDA, but that’s about it.

Here are the bounties for 12/19:

Vanguard Bounties

Fallen Leaders
Kill 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras.
100 / 5000
Cleansing Light
Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with a single super use, 20 times.
50 / 2500
Earn 9000 Experience without dying.
50 / 2500
TARGET: Frigoris, Exiled Baron
Defeat Frigoris in the “Shrine of Oryx” mission on the Moon with the Heroic modifier active.
100 / 5000
TARGET: Telthor, Unborn
Defeat Telthor in the “Chamber of Night” mission on the Moon with the Heroic modifier active.
100 / 5000
Patrol Mars
Complete 6 Patrol missions on Mars.
50 / 2500


Grab unstoppable and do the Daily Heroic. Completing it on 30 will give you 7500 XP. A good day for bounties.

Crucible Bounties

Broken Scholar
Defeat 25 Warlocks in the Crucible.
75 / 3750
In the Zone
Capture 10 Zones in Control.
50 / 2500
Back Scratcher
Earn 50 Assists in the Crucible.
50 / 2500
Defeat 15 Guardians with headshots using a Sniper Rifle.
100 / 5000
Earn 10 Fusion Rifle Sprees in the Crucible.
100 / 5000
Party’s Over
Earn 5 Enforcer medals.
100 / 5000


The Crucible playlist for today is Control.

Crota’s Bane Bounties

The Will of Crota Exterminate Omnigul and her spawn in The Will of Crota Strike on Earth 100 / 5000
Blades of Crota Hunt the Knights who serve as Blades of Crota on Earth and the Moon. (3) 75 / 3750
Atonement Rapidly kill 3 Hive with a special weapon, 5 times. Death will reset your progress. 75 / 3750
Chase the Dark Kill Hive with Axion Bolt. 75 / 3750


Well, if we could have gotten five bounties with no class specific, I probably could have hit rank three (or been close). I don’t know how much extra you get for Radiant Light, but I have 1450 rep and you need 2000. Without the buff, I’m only adding 250 today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

The Wakening

Ocean of Storms, Moon



Go to the Temple of Crota and destroy Crota’s soul.


HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.

LIGHTSWITCH – Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.


Cryptarch Engram

+5 Vanguard Marks

XP + 7500

+2 Ascendant Materials

Destination Materials +16

This is one from The Dark Below, so of course you’ll need the DLC to be able to do today’s Heroic. It’s also only available on level 30.

This one isn’t difficult, however there are a ton of thralls and cursed thralls. They’re usually rushing towards you, so it’s fairly easy to keep them at a distance and pick them off (or eliminate an entire group of cursed thrall’s by shooting one of them. Just don’t let anything get close to you. That’s easy enough to do until you get to where the soul of Crota is at, and then it’s easy to let something come around and slap you.

You can’t stay up top and shoot the four knights and the four wizards, because an anti-cheese knight will spawn on you. Kill the four knights, stand just before the beginning of the walkway, and shoot the thrall’s that spawn. Then, using your best snipe rifle, shoot a wizard, kill it, and take aim at another wizard. The goal is to only have one wizard at a time flying around and shooting at you. If you come in guns blazing and rockets flying, you’ll have all of them active and then it gets much more chaotic.

Unload everything you’ve got on Crota’s Soul, but routinely stop aiming and scan your surroundings. There will be thralls, acolytes, and more knights; so keep an eye out for them.

That’s going to wrap up this week Guardians. Did you buy or upgrade anything from Xur? If so, let us know in the comments.

As always, no Destiny Daily on the weekends. I’ll be back Monday morning as we get ready for the world to reset on Tuesday. Christmas is next week; I don’t yet know if I’ll have one up Christmas day (I didn’t put one up on Thanksgiving, so I probably won’t), but will definitely have one up on Christmas Eve.

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