Daily Destiny 1/9/15: Xur Has The Last Word, Secure The Warmind, Daily Bounties

Destiny Daily

It’s Friday, and that means Xur has arrived in the tower once again to sell his exotic wares. Unfortunately, he didn’t bring the weapon myself and a ton of others want… although he did bring a great gun to have with the Iron Banner coming up next week. If you missed it, the Iron Banner returns Tuesday and will run through the following Monday. Also happening Tuesday is a patch that puts an end to all the known and common cheese throughout the Crota’s End raid. You can read about that here.

First up, Xur’s black market:

Xur’s Exotics

Exotic Item
An Insurmountable Skullfort
Titan Helmet – BRAINVAULT Sigma-ACTIUM-IX Cranial Dreadnought (Invincible Type).
13 SC
Lucky Raspberry
Hunter Chest – NBoe one has ever died wearming me. It’s true. Shea leaves the unworthy before they fall.
13 SC
Starfire Protocol
Warlock Gauntlets – 13.4 billion years ago, the first stars kindled out of darkness, seeding the future of all life.
13 SC
The Last Word
Hand Cannon – “Yours… not mine.” – Renegate Hunter Shin Malphur to Dredgen Yar
23 SC
Exotic Shard
A remnant that almost seems to have a life of its own. Can be used to unlock the full power of Exotic gear.
7 SC

Xur can be found down towards the hangar, on the right up against the railing. No exotics for me, but Xur is also selling Heavy Weapon ammo at 5 packs for 1 strange coin. I spent 60 coins buying heavy ammo, so I’m good to go on that front. The Last Word is a good gun, especially for PVP. If you don’t have it, and like Hand Cannon’s (which you should), then I definitely recommend it.

These are the items that Xur has available to upgrade for the original item, 7000+ Glimmer, and an Exotic Shard:

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Hunter Chest
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine – Hunter Gauntlets
  • Helm of Saint-14- Titan Helmet
  • An Insurmountable Skullfort – Titan Helmet
  • Apotheosis Veil – Warlock Helmet
  • Heart of the Praxic Fire – Warlock Chest
  • Hard Light – Assault Rifle
  • SUROS Regime – Assault Rifle
  • MIDA Multi-Tool – Scout Rifle
  • Thorn – Hand Cannon
  • Plan C – Fusion Rifle
  • Gjallarhorn – Rocket Launcher
  • Monte Carlo (PlayStation Exclusive) – Assault Rifle

You need to have the exotic that you wish to upgrade equipped. Getting real tired of seeing Gjallarhorn there to be upgraded when I can’t get the weapon. I upgraded my SUROS.

I’ll be changing up this sections layout next week.

Here are the bounties for 1/9:

Vanguard Bounties

Walking Tall
Complete any Strike without dying.
100 / 5000
Relic Harvest – Cosmodrome
Collect 200 Sensor Mites in Cosmodrome.
50 / 2500
Exalted Hive
Kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras.
100 / 5000
Earn 9000 Experience without dying.
50 / 2500
TARGET: Divisive Mind
Defeat the Divisive Mind in “The Black Garden” mission on Mars with the Heroic modifier active.
100 / 5000
Patrol Venus
Complete 6 Patrol missions on Venus.
50 / 2500

Grab Relic Harvest and Exalted Hive and hit up the underground shack right at the start of Earth patrol. Knock both of those out in no time.

Crucible Bounties

Shake the Pillars
Defeat 25 Titans in the Crucible.
75 / 3750
Defeat 50 Guardians with headshots.
100 / 5000
Light the Way
Defeat 15 Guardians using a Super.
50 / 2500
Stay Golden
Complete 5 Rumble Matches.
100 / 5000
All For One
Complete 5 Skirmish Matches.
100 / 5000
Target Practice
Earn 10 Dead Man’s Hand medals
100 / 5000

The Crucible playlist for today is Rumble.

Eris Morn Bounties

The Wakening Stop the Hive from summoning Crota’s soul in “The Wakening” on the Moon with the Heroic modifier active. 100 / 5000
Blades of Crota Hunt the Knights who serve as Blades of Crota on Earth and the Moon. 75 / 3750
Out of Sight Kill Hive from behind. 75 / 3750
Cut to the Quick Rapidly kill 10 Hive with Arc Blade. 75 / 3750

All of these will provide easy experience for my newly upgraded SUROS ahead of the Iron Banner next week.

The Warmind

Old Russia, Earth



Break the House of Devils’ grasp on the Cosmodrome and secure a vital link to the Golden Age.


  • HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • LIGHTSWITCH – Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.


Cryptarch Engram

+5 Vanguard Marks

XP + 4800 / 6000 / 7500

+1 Ascendant Material (lvl 26) 2 Ascendant Materials (lvl 30)

Destination Materials + 10 / 12 / 16

This mission hasn’t come up since November 21st. So it’s probably be a long time since a lot of you, like me, have played it.

This is a really quick and easy mission, BUT stay on guard as it is loaded with stealth vandals (including one who jumps down from the ceiling) and that could be an instant death if they melee you. The vandals are really the only thing you have to worry about, but you don’t want anything meleeing you. Keep distance between yourself and enemies at all times.

For the final part with the servitors, it’s best to have a good sniper rifle or a good rocket launcher with you to take them down fairly quickly.

That’s going to wrap up this week Guardians. Did you buy or upgrade anything from Xur? If so, let us know in the comments.

As always, no Destiny Daily on the weekends. I’ll be back Monday morning as we get ready for the world to reset on Tuesday.

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