Ranting About Destiny’s Continued Joke of a PVP Event, The Iron Banner

Destiny Iron Banner

For one week a month, Bungie trots out the Iron Banner as an “event” in Destiny. It’s currently going on now, and will conclude at the end of tonight. For those who don’t know, Destiny’s standard PVP has level advantages disabled, which puts everyone on equal footing. Weapon attack and armor defense doesn’t matter in the regular Crucible. But in the Iron Banner level advantages are supposedly enabled, with weapon attack and armor defense supposedly mattering.

I don’t believe it. Not for a second.

I don’t play a lot of Crucible, but when I do (and it’s always Control), I typically do fairly well. A positive K/D and usually first or second on the team, although I certainly have my bad games too. This is when everyone is on equal footing.

My most recent game of Iron Banner, which is the one where I said to hell with Timur’s Lash, saw a guy who was level 27 finish first on his winning team against a team of 32’s and 31’s. His weapon of choice was a 300 attack Plan C fusion rifle. That he was able to one shot 32’s with from mid-range.

“Level advantages enabled.” “Attack and Defense matter.”

So, if that is true, how and why should someone five levels below me be able to one shot kill me with a 300 attack weapon? I would have a problem with it if were a 331 version, but that’s absurd. My five level difference was no advantage. My 1626 defense was no advantage.

To put it in perspective of why this makes me mad, Bungie stated back in November when they brought out the re-tweaked Iron Banner 2.0 that “Players out of your league will seem like a Boss.” What would supposedly be out of your league? The same post spells it out: “Players within 3 Levels can be competitive with each other.”

So a level 32 vs a level 27 should not be competitive. That’s not within 3 levels, it’s 5. The 32 should “seem like a boss” to the 27. I’ve played hundreds and hundreds of hours of this game, and I have yet to encounter the boss that I could one shot. It doesn’t exist.

The problem is Bungie is afraid to give the event that they advertise. The lowest level person I’ve seen in the Iron Banner was a 25, and they did well. They’re so afraid to truly make level advantages matter.

They advertise that level matters, that weapon attack and armor defense matter, and they’ve said that players within three levels are competitive, and anything outside of that would be boss like. None of this is true to any degree that matters. If it were true a level 27 couldn’t one shot (I’d argue not even two shot) a level 32 with a 331 attack weapon, let alone a 300 weapon.

And it’s not even this one instance. I’ve been one shotted by a level 28 with a pre-DLC blue fusion rifle, at medium range.

I’m sure there are those who think “oh he just wants to roll into Iron Banner and stomp on everyone like a god,” and that’s not true at all. Most folks playing the Iron Banner, that I get put in games with are between 30-32. A level 32 should have an advantage on a level 30, simply because “level advantages are enabled,” but it should be competitive. I just have a problem with the direct opposite of what they claim happening.

I would like to have Timur’s Lash, absolutely. But that’s literally the only thing from the Iron Banner that I care about; I certainly don’t need the armor. But the mode is such a mess that I can’t tolerate it for than 30 minutes, so grinding to rank 5 is certainly not going to happen for me. In large part because I just jump in with random folks and Bungie’s match making ALWAYS sees fit to put me on the team that has zero common sense and loses by several thousand points.

The loss medallions do nothing at all when you can’t get on a team that can win. And the sad thing is, the other team isn’t pre-made fireteam, it’s just a team of random people. It’s one reason I HATE the Iron Banner. I don’t like having to have my time and grind dependent upon other players.

I’m begging Bungie to bring in a PVE event. We haven’t had one since September. Bring back the Queen’s Wrath and make it like the Eris stuff (I’m not asking for new replayable missions); make it weapons to buy and better weapons that drop randomly once you hit a certain rank.

The problem everyone had with the Queen’s Wrath back in September was that everyone needed shards. The event gave a lot of us the legendary armor to get over a certain level gap, but then they wasted our time spent doing the missions each day by rewarding us the same piece of armor and not letting us get shards for dismantling it. That was the big thing. I would like to have a the chance to get Mericful or The Supremacy.

The Queen’s Wrath may have just been the same story missions we’ve played countless times, but at least they had modifiers like Epic and burns attached to them, which we can’t get for these story missions any other way.

In summary, the Iron Banner is a joke and Bungie really needs to hurry up and bring back a PVE event.

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2 Comments on Ranting About Destiny’s Continued Joke of a PVP Event, The Iron Banner

  1. I agree. The Iron Banner seemed like a good idea before the game was released, but after seeing the way levels work and how stats are laid out, it seems like a waste of time. Still, that doesn’t mean they should advertise it one way and then never deliver.


    • It is a big waste of time. Not worth the grind for one weapon when it isn’t even remotely like what they say it is. I don’t know why they keep bringing this out every month and calling it an event.

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