Now Gaming: What We’re Playing This Week (January Week 3)


It’s been awhile since we last did this, but we’re hoping to get back in the groove of making it a weekly feature.  It’s just three of us this time around; Brian, Jules, and myself. These are the games that we’re playing this week.


Fallout (PC)

I’m still chipping away at Fallout and still enjoying it quite a bit. It’s just a really good story and there’s a lot of neat stuff to play with. Obviously for a PC game, the game play is a lot of point and click, but if you set up your character right, there are so many options you can do in regards to conversations, thus opening up options for how to go about your objectives. Just a very well done RPG and something I’m glad I made another attempt at playing. Not sure I would have truly appreciated this in my younger days, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out and getting into the next installment somewhere down the line.

Also Playing: Madden 25, NBA 2K14


Assassin’s Creed Unity (PS4)

It took me a little while to get into, but once I did I was hooked and flew through the story. Granted I spent some time in between sequence three and five running around synching all the view points and opening chests, as well as completing crowd events. Basically grinding for money to buy better equipment. Once I completed sequence five though, I didn’t stop until I had finished the campaign. Not the best Assassin’s Creed story. In fact, much like Assassin’s Creed III, I thought it was severely lacking for the time period. I miss the Ezio days. Nevertheless, I’ve had a blast playing it and will continue to do so. I always have to get 100%. Of course each year they make it more and more tedious with the sheer amount of collectibles that they want you to find, plus Unity has a TON of side missions (and you can never complain about TOO MUCH content). Once I finish up opening chests and completing side missions, I’m going to move on to the free Dead Kings DLC.

Also Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition, Destiny


Assassins Creed III (PS3)

As luck would have it, I am also currently playing a game in the Assassins Creed franchise, that being Assassins Creed III. I got the game as a bit of an early Christmas present last December and have just finally been delving into it. This game marks my first ever venture into the series, and I kind of wish I had started out and played the games in order because it does feel like, even though there was some cursory narration at the start that there’s a lot of stuff I’m missing out on that a long time player of the series would be more privy to. That said, I love the open world feel of this game, and the fact that it is set in Colonial America, one of my (nerd alert) favorite historical periods. The graphics are just outstanding, which I noticed especially during the early part of the story where Desmond is traveling to the New World on an old wooden ship. I could almost smell the sea air. I’m not very far into the game, having just completed the mission “Johnson’s Errand”, but I’m really digging the gameplay and just everything about the game so far, although there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve here as I’m used to the Rockstar games, especially RDR (which also has similar weapons, and horse riding as this game) stick which gives me some bad habits to unlearn for this stuff. I really love how Desmond is basically like friggin Spider-Man in these games and can Parkour his way from roof top to roof top. Anyway, that’s all I’m playing at the moment, may do another entry on this one when I’m further along.

Also Playing: WWE 2k14, Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed, NBA 2k12


Now we want to know what YOU are playing. Are you playing a new game, or an older one? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us why you’re playing it and what you think of it. Until next time, game on!

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