Destiny Daily 1/28/15: Rasputin Needs Defending Again, Daily Bounties

Destiny Daily

Ran the Nightfall twice yesterday (I can no longer do it three times since I deleted my alternate Hunter to start a Titan), and didn’t get anything decent. Did the first two sections of Crota’s End Hard Mode twice hoping for the assault rifle, and of course still can’t get it. Did get another Oversoul’s Eddict, but I really want the assault rifle. So I continue to have zero luck with RNG when it comes to getting stuff I actually want.

Here are the bounties for 1/28:

Vanguard Bounties

Earn 9,000 Experience without dying
50 / 2500
Walking Tall
Complete any strike without dying
100 / 5000
Fallen Leaders
Kill 10 Fallen Majors/Ultras
100 / 5000
Relic Harvest – Moon
Collect 200 Impact Shards on the Moon.
50 / 2500
Target: Telthor, Unborn
Defeat Telthor in the ‘Chamber Of Night’ mission on the moon with the heroic modifier active.
100 / 5000
Patrol The Moon
Complete 6 Patrol missions on The Moon
50 / 2500

Crucible Bounties

Broken Scholar
Defeat 25 Warlocks in Crucible
75 / 3750
Light the Way
Defeat 15 Guardians with a Super
50 / 2500
No Riding Zone
Defeat 10 Guardians on Vehicles
100 / 5000
In the Zone
Capture 10 Zones in Control
50 / 2500
Earn 10 Fusion Rifle Sprees in the Crucible.
100 / 5000
Back Scratcher
Earn 50 assists in the Crucible.
50 / 2500

The Crucible playlist for today is Control.

Crota’s Bane Bounties

Generate 50 Orbs of Light 75 / 3750
Cut Them Down
Kill 15 Hive using a Blades sword on Earth
75 / 3750
Chase The Dark
Kill Hive with Axion Bolt
75 / 3750
The Cleansing
Kill any Majors or Ultras in a Nightfall activity.
100 / 5000

Siege of the Warmind

Old Russia, Earth


  • Find Rasputin’s bunker. Defend it against the Hive attack.


  • HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • ANGRY – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.


Cryptarch Engram

+5 Vanguard Marks

XP + 7500

+2 Ascendant Materials

Destination Materials + 16

 This is one of The Dark Below story missions, so if you don’t have the DLC you can’t do the Daily Heroic today. It’s also only available in level 30 form.

I think this one is the hardest mission in the game. Getting to Rasputin is absolutely nothing. But once you stand in front of his controls and Omnigul spawns, things start to get chaotic. There’s a lot going on here and you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings. Thrall’s will rush you and there’s also the exploding thrall’s. Also acolytes, knights, and hallowed knights. But the biggest pain of all is the hallowed wizards who put the green circles on the ground that you definitely don’t want to get caught standing on. And finally, a big ogre.

If you can, jump up on top of Rasputin, the big thing hanging above the arena. There’s a ghost up there anyway (there’s also a ghost under the controls as well). It’s hard to shoot things from up there, but it’s doable. It’s the safest approach. I like to get behind the controls though. You’re not safe there, by any means, but it’s the easiest area to defend yourself without having to worry about something spawning on you. Priority number one though is taking down the wizards as fast as possible, including Omnigul at the start (shoot her a few times in the head, and get her out of the way).

If you ran the Nightfall or did the Raids yesterday, be sure to let us know if you got any good loot. I didn’t get any, but hopefully you did.

That’s all for today, join us again tomorrow for another Destiny Daily.

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5 Comments on Destiny Daily 1/28/15: Rasputin Needs Defending Again, Daily Bounties

  1. Ran Nightfall twice. 10 Strange Coins on my Titan. 11 Ascendant Shards on my Hunter. Warlock tonight, hopefully better luck.

    Love this site, I check here daily, keep up the great work. Longtime reader, first time commenter.


  2. Clubber Lang // January 28, 2015 at 12:56 PM // Reply

    Nightfall (after getting coins and shards only for 3 weeks)
    1 Suros
    2 Leg Sniper
    3 Finally got The HORN!

    On Crota’s End we like to run all the way to Crota and then switch characters after the deathsinger. Then we focus on just Crota
    We got all the way through the Deathsinger on 2 of 3.

    I got both the Edict (4th one out 5 tries) and Abyss Defiant ( gotten this 5 out of 5 times).

    I have no idea why I keep getting Abyss and Edict every time. I wish he would give some clan mates this luck just once. Anyway, Abyss is a great weapon. Once focused fire is unlocked it does very well. Hope you get it


    • Holy smokes, RNGesus is with you my friend. That’s some great luck you’re having there.

      I’ve done the bridge four times now and haven’t gotten it. No one I’ve done it with has gotten Abyss Defiant either. Maybe next week I’ll get it!


  3. Stridewinder // January 28, 2015 at 6:47 PM // Reply

    Ran the Nightfall with my team last night. We got 12 energy, Don’t touch me (hunter exotic gauntlets) and Plan C.


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