Destiny Daily 2/4/15: Head Back To The World’s Grave, Daily Bounties

Destiny Daily

Welcome back Guardians. Yesterday I ran the Nightfall with my level 29 Titan with my brother and received 9 Ascendant Shards (he got Hard Light). I should have known then that it wasn’t going to be a good day. I solo’d the first section of Crota’s End with my Titan and received the gauntlets (the first set of CE gear for my Titan). I then failed to solo the bridge. It was one of those things where everything that could go wrong went wrong. Wizards and boomers in bad spots, a ton of thrall and Gatekeeper suddenly charging while Ogre’s were out, and all around splash damage. Combined with being two levels lower than everything, it just didn’t work out for me. It was a sign of things to come.

I solo’d the first section of hard mode with my Warlock after a few attempts. I then failed to do the bridge. The same problems I was having on the Titan were happening again. After a few tries, I gave up and tried to solo the Nightfall on that character. I’m doing the ledge strategy, I quietly come down with Patience and Time. I aim, go invisible, and begin walking to where I’ll be able to see Aksor, and he teleports behind me while I’m invisible. Invisibility goes away and he immediately stomps me. Revived and he teleports again and kills me with his shrapnel launcher.

In short, Destiny didn’t want me to do anything yesterday and did everything it could to ensure that my solo attempts at stuff would fail miserably. I haven’t had a day like that that I can recall.

Here are the bounties for 2/4:

Vanguard Bounties

One for All
Achieve Gold Tier Rating in 3 Public Events
100 / 5000
Cleansing Light
Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with a single super 20 times
50 / 2500
Melee kill 30 enemies without dying.
50 / 2500
Target: Banuk, Ur Prince
Kill Banuk in the “Sword Of Crota” mission on the moon with the Heroic modifier active
50 / 2500
The Bigger They Are
Complete a Weekly Heroic or Nightfall strike
100 / 5000
Patrol Cosmodrome
Complete 6 Patrol missions in the Cosmodrome
50 / 2500

Crucible Bounties

Shake the Pillars
Defeat 25 Titans in the Crucible
75 / 3750
Defeat 15 Guardians with Headshots using a Sniper Rifle
100 / 5000
Light the Way
Defeat 15 Guardians with a Super
50 / 2500
In the Zone
Capture 10 Zones in Control.
50 / 2500
First Blood
Earn 10 Buckshot Bruiser medals
100 / 5000
Stopping Power
Earn 5 Postmortem Medals.
100 / 5000

The Crucible playlist for today is Skirmish.

Crota’s Bane Bounties

Husk Reaper
Kill Hive on any Planet and collect 200 their Husks 75 / 3750
Generate 50 Orbs of Light
75 / 3750
Cut Them Down
Kill 15 Hive using a Blades sword on Earth
75 / 3750
Kill Hive Wizards with Shoulder Charge
75 / 3750

The World’s Grave

Ocean of Storms, Moon


  • Descend into the Hellmouth to a Hive library which holds ancient secrets they have ripped from Earth.


  • HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • LIGHTSWITCH – Minions of the darkness deal much more melee damage.


Cryptarch Engram

+5 Vanguard Marks

XP + 4800 / 6000 / 7500

+1 Ascendant Material (lvl 26) 2 Ascendant Materials (lvl 30)

Destination Materials + 10 / 12 / 16

This one is a straight forward descent into the Hellmouth. As always, the lightswitch modifier needs you need to keep enemies (especially thrall’s) in front of you at all times. Depending on your level and the difficulty you select, you probably won’t die from one thrall hit, but why risk it? Just don’t let them get close.

It ends up in the small arena where you’ll have to survive the Hive while waiting for your Ghost to do what it’s doing. This means a few waves of thrall’s, cursed thrall’s, acolytes, wizards, and of course knights. It’s not a problem, just take down enemies quickly and don’t let them close.

That’s all for today fellow Guardians.

If you got anything from the Nightfall, Weekly Heroic, or raids do let me know in the comments below. Surely some of you had a better day than I did.

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