Quick Daily Review #4: Sabotage (2014)


Sabotoge (2014)

Director: David Ayer

From the director who brought us “Training Day” and “End of Watch” is what it says on the cover of Sabotage, a movie which seeks to exist in the same world as those kind of serious dramatic flicks and yet is advertised as a fast paced “Ahnold” shoot em’ up. These two kinds of movies are not only different; they are polar opposites and mix about as well as oil and water. Those looking for an intense Training Day like film will find this film simplistic and derivative, those looking for the classic Arnold action movie will find this just all too dreadfully boring. In fact, this may be the most boring Schwarzenegger movie ever produced, and say what you will about Arnold’s movies, (and I have) they are usually anything but boring. This whole affair is just ill thought out. Arnold plays a character in charge of a corrupt group of DEA agents who are known for skimming a little off the top every now and then. All of the characters are unlikable, so when they start dying off not only do I not care who is doing it, I am anxious for them to hurry it up because I know the fewer of them remain the less time I have to spend watching this film. I grew up loving me some classic Arnold movies such as Commando, Raw Deal, and Predator etc… If you are in the mood to see a newer Schawzenegger movie that has the same kind of half serious, half campy approach to those, go see The Last Stand from 2013. That was a movie where Arnold was in his element. He has not looked THIS out of his element since he somehow was elected Governor of California. This movie should be renamed “Career Sabotoge”.


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