Quick Daily Review #5: Draft Day (2014)


Draft Day (2014)

Director: Ivan Reitman

I was bored and flipping channels when I stumbled upon this movie. It’s not something I would have probably went out of my way to see but I am glad I gave it a chance nonetheless. This is a very interesting behind the scenes look at how NFL teams work with each other and each other when it comes to talent relations and just regular office stuff. This is definitely the best football movie ever made to contain absolutely no football. Kevin Bacon and Kevin Costner but head as the head coach and the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. It is draft day and Costner’s character is under major pressure to deliver a big splash to the team in the form of a much hyped new quarterback, the only trouble is that the coach doesn’t want him, and he has his own reservations about him. The entire movie spans the course of this one single day and we see a lot of wheeling and dealing, and trades being made for players and picks.

This movie is like a really strong blending of Jerry McGuire and Moneyball/Trouble with the Curve. We don’t get nearly enough sports movies that are more about the office side of things than just a generic sports story. The cast is fantastic and the story unwinds fast enough that it packs a really good dramatic punch. Jennifer Garner is terrific in her role as backstage cost specialist here but I thought the romance between her character and Costner was completely obligatory, as well as the subplot regarding Costner’s GM character’s family back story. To me it’s like the writers did not have enough faith in the nuts and bolts of this story, which in my opinion was quite interesting in and of itself, and so they decided to tack on some unneeded romance and melodrama which occasionally step up in to bring things to a screeching halt now and then. That aside though, this is a pretty good movie that gives a great look at a side of the NFL that most people probably never get to see.


Daily Inquiry: What is your favorite football movie?

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