Quick Daily Review #7: The Other Woman (2014)


The Other Woman (2014)

Director: Nick Cassavetes

Cameron Diaz was a lot of people’s dream woman back in the late 90s. She is still beautiful, but she has transitioned from the role of young sexpot to a stronger middle aged heroine. It’s just a shame that she has wasted that talent in an almost never ending string of bad movies for the past decade or so. Joining her here in this movie is a young sexpot for the current generation, Kate Upton, a woman the late Roger Ebert would have found two very big reasons to admire, and probably would have not said much at all about acting wise. Rounding out the trio here is Leslie Mann who is good as the ignored house wife. She is the plainest of the three looks wise but packs the most punch in the personality department. Anyway, the plot here is that all three of these gals is in love with the same guy, the successful business man “Mark King” who is cheating on all three of them at the same time. So the three ladies unite for a chick flick revenge fantasy that dissolves into the usual scatological mess of such movies. There is a sweetness and charm to the friendship between Diaz’s character and Mann’s characters that almost carries this into the acceptable movie category, but instead of playing it a little more seriously, or at least trying a little more “grown up” humor, all the “laughs” are telegraphed and idiotic and involve running the bad guy through plate glass windows and making him poo himself with tons of ex-lax. Oh my. The hilarity. Full disclosure: my wife made me watch this dreck, and she loved it.


Daily Inquiry: What’s the worst movie your significant other ever made you watch?

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