Quick Daily Review #14: Non-Stop (2014)


Non-Stop (2014)

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Non-Stop is pretty much a self contained, straight forward, and yes, non-stop kind of thriller. Liam Neeson plays an Air Marshal with a drinking habit and a bit of a reputation as being tough to work with. Suddenly the plane he’s on starts having dead people problems, and it’s up to Neeson’s character to figure out just what the hell is going on, all the while dodging suspicions and accusations that it is he that is to blame for all the chaos going on. Liam Neeson’s performance here needs little comment, he is Liam Neeson in his distressed “man of action” mode, which is always good times. He gets to co-star with Julianne Moore here who is the obligatory passenger with the heart of gold that befriends Neeson here and helps him “work out his problems” so he can get back into ass kicking mode.

This is a very tightly constructed and well made “who done it” style mystery that kept me alert and guessing the whole way through. The lead villain spends most of the movie hidden behind multiple text messages that flash on screen letting us know that something is about to go down. I thought the way they handled the text messages in real time flashing across the screen was a very nice touch. That said this is a movie that is a little on the forgettable side so not something that will probably catch a lot of re-watching in my house hold. You can call it “Taken” on a Plane or whatever. This is pretty much just a straight no frills Liam Neeson thriller at 30,000 feet, it’s good while it lasts but once it’s over, I was ready to move on to something else and paid it little more thought. One thing that could have increased the star rating here a bit is a shot of Liam exclaiming “I AM TIRED OF THESE MOTHERF****NG! TEXTS ON THIS MOTHERF****NG! PLANE!”


Daily Inquiry: What is your favorite “Airplane” movie?

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