Destiny Weekly 2/24 – 3/2: Valus Ta’aurc Nightfall Strike Guide

Destiny Weekly

NOTICE 2/24/15 – Destiny will be down for maintenance from 12pm to 2pm today. You will not be able to log in and play during this time. Servers will be back up once maintenance is done. The next patch, 1.1.1, will hit later this week.

If you missed the last Destiny Daily post over a week ago you may be wondering what this is. Destiny Daily is officially on hiatus (if you couldn’t already tell) until House of Wolves comes out. It had gotten to be repetitive copying and pasting of old stuff that was no longer fun to do. After all, it seems like The Wakening and Siege of the Warmind come up twice a week in the daily rotation, each time with the same modifier.

If you liked checking the bounties every day, then I apologize. I’m considering setting up a page for the bounties that would list the bounties available that day, as well as have a detailed guide for every bounty in the game. I would need to work on it more, so it would have to come a bit later. It would essentially be the same thing as the old Destiny Daily in regards to the bounty section; it’d just be one static page that you could check instead of a new post every day.

This however is Destiny Weekly, and it’s one of the two articles that is taking the place of Destiny Daily while it is on hiatus. The second one comes out on Friday, and it’s called Destiny Loot Drop. It’ll run down every thing Xur is selling, plus serve as my outlet to rant about getting nothing from the Nightfall/Weekly.

Speaking of loot drops, I need to talk about some stuff. In the last Destiny Daily I said I had reached my breaking point, and indeed I have with certain elements. Since then, after numerous raids, I’ve gotten two Hawkmoon’s, two Hunger of Crota’s, three Abyss Defiant’s, and two Vision of Confluences.

Gjallarhorn still aludes me, but as far as that goes, I guess I have three shots at it from the Nightfall alone. Speaking of, here’s the guide for this weeks Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strike.


Cerberus Vae III

Meridian Bay, Mars

It’s time once again to pay a visit to our old friend, Valus Ta’aurc. Like last week, the Nightfall this week is another “no burn,” nightfall. Instead, our modifiers are Epic, Lightswitch, Angry, and Juggler.

The good news is that this is actually a really easy strike and it has been no burn before, so it’s quite easily doable. Sure some enemies are extreme bullet sponges, but the bright side of no burn is that you don’t have to worry about dying quickly yourself or splash damage.

It’s best to take your sparrow to do the thing with your Ghost at the beginning, and then speed on through to the section behind the closed door. The enemies inside are level 30 and play the by the same modifier rules, but this is not a darkness zone; so if you die here then you can respawn.  So because of this, you can either be careful and burn through your ammo, or try to run straight through it and ignore the enemies inside (which will include a bunch of shielded pisons and two colossus). You may die a few times, but there’s no penalty for that.

Once through, it’s just a matter of hanging back and sniping everything from relative safety. You should be able to get to the tank with very little problem assuming you just hang back and play carefully. Of course the tank itself is quite the bullet sponge, but its attack is easily avoided, so there’s no real danger here.

Once the tank is down, speed on through to the next darkness zone and kill all the enemies inside.

At Ta’aurc, just hide in the open spot under the platform to the left of where Valus spawns. Take your shots through the cracks between crates. This is generally safe, but eventually you will have a lot of enemies grouped up in front of it. This will include major phalanx’s and shielded pisons, so more bullet sponges to get in the way of shooting the ultimate bullet sponge (Ta’aurc). Or, if you can make the jump, you can get on top of the lights hanging above the room.

The strike isn’t very hard though, so if you simply play it safe and smart, you should clear this with very little problem.

So this was the first Destiny Weekly. I decided to take last week off from writing about Destiny after having spent so much time writing about it. Now we can get back on track with the new weekly format until House of Wolves releases.

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