Quick Daily Review #21: Sex Tape (2014)


Sex Tape (2014)

Director: Jake Kasdan

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel play a boring middle aged married couple whose sex life isn’t what it used to be since their college days. So after many failed starts they decide to spice things up by making a sex tape on a night when their children are away with a sitter. When the husband forgets to delete the video it accidentally syncs up with a bunch of other tablets that said husband has given to various people over the years as presents. So the two go on a quest to recover every one of those tablets and delete all copies before the tape becomes public. There are a few pretty funny moments in Sex Tape, mostly involving Rob Lowe as a coked out corporate CEO, or Jack Black as the gangster styled web master of a major pornographic website. Unfortunately to get to them you have to sit through an eternity of unfunny moments, and a fair amount of tepid cloying moments as well. Just like with the previously reviewed Don Jon, I’m not entirely sure what the target audience was here. Males seeking titillation will find little of the sort and will be repulsed by the many chick-flick like characteristics on display here. Ladies seeking a new chick-flick will be repulsed by the subject matter. So it’s basically a lose-lose situation for everyone involved. No you don’t get to see Cameron Diaz in all her glory, and thankfully we don’t have to see Jason Segel in whatever there is of his either.


Daily Inquiry: What is Cameron Diaz’s best movie?

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