Quick Daily Review #23: Lucky Number Slevin (2006)


Here’s a movie that went kind of unappreciated in its initial run but one that I absolutely loved when it first came out. Josh Hartnett (what happened to him?) plays a character caught between two powerful gangster played with relish by Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley, as he is also pursuing a relationship with the stunning Lucy Liu. Off in the distance dropping bodies like fleas off a dog is Bruce Willis in a hit man role that will tie into the rest of the story later on. There’s a lot of Tarintino like swerving around as far as the story and the chronology is concerned, and pop-culture aware dialogue. For the ladies you also get Josh Hartnett in nothing but a towel for long stretches of the flick. This movie is a mix of neo-noir and a Tarintino rip-off.

I have seen plenty of bad Tarintino rip-offs over the years, but every now and then one happens to work such as the Boondock Saints. For me this movie worked on that level. Both movies are about hit men, but this movie also has a fun element of con men and of course, Lucy Liu. I enjoyed the long con being played here as well as the numerous smaller con jobs as well. I agree with what the director here said in the DVD commentary though about the title of this movie. Lucky Number Slevin was one step too cute as a name and may have hurt the movie’s overall reception. This film should have just been called Kansas City Shuffle. Think Tarintino style dialogue in a Frank Miller like Sin City type setting. If you can see yourself grooving to that, this might be just up your alley.


Daily Inquiry: What is your favorite Neo-Noir type movie?

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