Quick Daily Review #25: Zombieland (2009)


Zombieland (2009)

Director: Ruben Fleische

I suffer a similar condition to what many film and television viewers in America display symptoms of known as “Zombie Fatigue”… There have been so many entries into this once kind of cool sub-genre both of the serious and comedic kind that all of its tricks have been well played-out. Zombieland arrived right in the height of the wave of Zombiemania and I find that unlike some of its fellow films and TV shows, it has indeed stood the test of time. One of the main thing that makes it such an enjoyable popcorn flick is the general likability of all the main leads including the lovely and vulnerable (but not too vulnerable) Emma Stone, the general dorky nice-guy qualities of Michael Cera Jesse Eisenberg, and the man who steals the show here, the cowboy-esq desperado badassedry of Woody Harrelson, whose main concern in this new world run amuck with undead killing machines is his difficulty in locating some good twinkies. All three characters backstories are told with care and make you actually care about them. This is basically a great road trip movie that just happens to be set in the weird circumstance of a Zombie Apocalypse. Take the beautifully photographed scene where our featured group makes a pit stop on their journey to completely destroy a little knick-knack souvenir store. Of course the best part of the movie is a cameo which I won’t spoil, but at this point probably don’t have to. Out of all the zombie flicks that have come out in the past decade or so, this is one of the few I have enjoyed enough to endure repeated viewings.


Daily Inquiry: When did Zombie movies/shows “jump the shark” for you?

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