Quick Daily Review #42: Snowpiercer (2014)


Snowpiercer (2014)

Director: Bong Joon-ho

“Traaaaaiiiiiin, I riiiiiiiiiide, 16 (million) coaches looong…” might go the old Elvis Presely tune had it been written with this movie in mind. Ed Harris plays a megalomaniacal train conductor in Snowpiercer, which also stars Chris Evans as Curtis, the would be hero of our tail. In the future told to us by this film, climate change has wiped out most of humanity except for those “lucky” enough to be on board a behemoth self-sustaining train (well, sort of, but I can’t reveal too much without getting spoilery). The train becomes one giant sociological nightmare/experiment, where the poor people fight for survival at the back of the train while the rich and elite enjoy much space and fine dining at the front of the train. Everything proceeds as usual until Curtis, and a few of his friends decide to start a revolution. Aside from Ed Harris the other Big Bad in this movie is played by Tilda Swinton, who of course, does a great job at being perfectly hateable. This movie is stunning to look at, and has a huge cast of characters. Evans does a really good job as the conflicted hero, and John Hurt, who plays the Evans mentor figure is as good as you would expect him to be. All in all there is nothing to dislike here. Truly remarkable special effects and visual imagery, a story that flows very well, and a huge cast of very talented actors who all perform up to their best abilities. I was not as enraptured by this film as some other reviewers were, or as much as the group I saw it with, but there is no denying this is a very good film, not to be missed.


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4 Comments on Quick Daily Review #42: Snowpiercer (2014)

  1. Good review Jules. The kind of movie that understands its weirdness, and constantly digs deeper and deeper into it.

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  2. I really liked this one but man is it intense. I really cringed through the blackout scenes. Some of it was really beautiful though.

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    • Thanks for the reply and yeah, I blocked it out of my mind but there was some gruesome stuff here, especially all the cannibalism stuff. The most disturbing being the implied elements, rather than what is actually shown.


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