Quick Daily Review #57: The Equalizer (2014)

The Equalizer (2014)
Director: Antoine Fuqua

Denzel Washington has two different kinds of characters that he is known for (although he does stretch outside the box occasionally) that being sweet, caring, mentors or complete hardasses. This movie supplies him with both roles at the same time. Robert McCall works at one of those big box hardware stores like Lowes/Home Deport, and spends his idle hours reading through “The 100 books you must read before you die” list and helping his fellow employees pass their G.E.D tests so they can land promotions etc. One night he befriends a young hooker (not professionally mind you) and takes pity on her situation. He takes it upon himself to visit her local pimp and his crew of guys to buy her freedom. The Pimp is uninterested in this proposition, and instead opts for the “getting my ass kicked/throat ripped out” portion of the Denzel menu. This leads to a slew of unintended consequences that will, of course, lead up to a final show down with Denzel and his entire HARDWARE STORE of goodies taking on a crew of generic mercenaries who do the job like Barry Horowitz taking on Bill Goldberg in his prime.This is basically yet another version of Taken, with a little retro music and an amusing performance by Washington. Think “Man on Fire” but played for laughs instead of somber seriousness. It was enjoyable while it lasted, but its memory will not stay with you very long.


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