Quick Daily Review #63: Ride Along (2014)

Ride Along (2014)

Starring: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart

Ice Cube has been steadily growing on me in his new type casting as the tough black cop. I found him quite awesome in both 21 Jump Street and the even better 22 Jump Street. He does the same shtick here, and since he’s the star of this movie, does it for a much longer running time, and while it is endearing and at times amusing, it’s not enough to carry an entire movie. The problem here isn’t Mr. Cube though, but Mr. Hart. Kevin Hart is to funny what former WWE champion Yokozuna was to skinny. Imagine an annoying poodle humping your leg frantically for an hour and a half. Now take away all of the endearing fluffiness and general personality that makes people like and put up with said poodle humping and you have Kevin Hart in this movie. The script here is straight out of the recycled cliché bin. It’s not a total disaster, but if you’re gonna rent this one, make sure and double it up with a better movie, or better yet, just watch a better movie.


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