Quick Daily Review #64: The Guest (2014)


The Guest (2014)

I cannot improve upon what fellow reviewer Tara Brady wrote about The Guest as far as a description for casual film viewers. “Picture Commando as a psychological thriller. Imagine Halloween as a theme park ride. Think Drive as a comedy.” I read these words before going into this film trying to wrap my mind about how any one of those statements could be true, and left understanding all three of them to be accurate. The story borrows from elements of Rambo, Universal Soldier, and as mentioned above Halloween. It is also part coming of age movie, with a little Stand by Me thrown in the mix. It’s just a damn strange film, okay? And that’s perfectly fine. David (Dan Stevens) is a veteran who was a friend of the late son of the family he befriends in this movie. At first everyone in the family takes to him like a long lost son, and he proves to be quite helpful to all four members of the family which include his fallen comrade’s younger brother, sister, as well as his parents. But of course, as in all movies, especially this one, things are not what they seem.


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