Quick Daily Review #65: The Family (2013)


The Family (2013)

The advertisements for this movie made me think this was going to be a straight up gangster movie about Robert De Niro’s character coming out of retirement to kick some ass, which I was pumped for. That said when this turned out to be an action comedy I was a little let down, but after I settled in I realized that it was still a pretty enjoyable little flick. The story revolves around De Niro’s character who is basically a take off on Ray Liotta’s character Henry Hill from Goodfellas (more on that later) who is being hunted by every mobster in the world it seems, and is constantly being moved to new cities all around the world to assume new identities with his quirky family. This time around the town is Normandy, France. Yes, that Normandy. De Niro could play this kind of role in his sleep, and he also gets to riff off of a pretty great cast including Tommy Lee Jones as his long suffering FBI overseer and Michelle Pfeiffer as his longsuffering wife . There’s some great in jokes in the movie such as DeNiro’s character having to attend a screening of Goodfellas for a local film society and then making a speech on the accuracy of said film. The children in the family here are also well played, especially the daughter (Dianna Agron) who is arguably the main character of the film. All in all it’s not at all what I was hoping for, and it’s not that memorable of a movie in the grand scheme of things, but if you are a fan of De Niro and gangster pictures, and have a sense of humor, this is a perfectly acceptable way to kill an hour and a half of your time.


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