Quick Daily Review #66: Transcendence (2014)


Transcendence (2014)

Johnny Depp being Johny Depp can save a lot of what would otherwise be forgettable movies. In this overly long, and long winded trope of a film though he has finally met his match. Of all the movies I have seen this year few have pushed my “go to sleep” button as hard as Transcendence has. Depp plays a brilliant scientist who is in an elite group of fellow scientists who are busy designing super computers capable of self aware artificial intelligence. At the beginning of the movie many of his fellow scientists are murdered by an eco-terrorist group who want to stop the coming “technopoly”. Depp’s character is inflicted with a lethal disease that will kill his body, but before he checks out he puts all of his thoughts and personality into a computer program. The majority of the movie is basically Johnny Depp’s giant talking head on various screens trying to put the moves on his former fiancé Evelyn. The super Depp computer gets so powerful that the government and Morgan Freeman are called in to stop it before it takes over the world. It would have taken a super computer with a lot of available energy to have jolted me out of my doldrums for this boring nano-tech disaster…



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