Quick Daily Review #67: Bad Words (2013)


Bad Words (2013)

Director: Jason Bateman

I’ve seen this movie before, and done better. Bad Santa did it best. Bad Teacher did it okay. Bad Words adds nothing new or worthwhile to the Mix. The joke is that Jason Bateman has found a loophole that allows him to compete in children’s spelling bee’s across the country. This of course pisses off all the parents, rightfully so, and traumatizes many of the children. There is a deeply veiled personal secret that inspires him to do this, and a reporter lady following him around for this bizarre story, whom he also degrades, insults, and occasionally sleeps with. Of course our “hero” eventually befriends one of the kids in the competition, which means they will eventually square off in the final Spelling Bee match up. In between all this is just a lot of crude humor that is old hat at this point, and just Jason Bateman, who is doubly damnable as both the director and leading man here, being an unlikable asshole that we’re somehow supposed to find funny and charming. I found him, and this movie, neither of those things.



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