Quick Daily Review #68: Lucy (2014)


Lucy (2014)

Scarlett Johansen seems to be making a career of playing insanely over the top genius characters. After this movie, any role she plays short of ‘God’ will seem like a sort of a let down. That being said, I thought this movie was an absolute mess and a chore to sit through. Scarlett’s character begins the movie as the lowly girlfriend of some shady gangster dude who has gotten in way over his head. He double crosses her and she winds up being injected with some experimental poison by these crazy Asian Mafioso’s , only the crazy experimental poison has the unintended side effect of allowing her to tap into the “unused” 90% of her brain, which as Morgan Freeman explains throughout the movie (which must make it true) the more of her brain she can access the more control she has over the world around her. For starters I’m not going to be a killjoy and talk about the myth of the whole “we only use ten percent of our brains” crapola. That’s neither here nor there, and as a premise, what I described above actually seemed fairly interesting. The problem was all in the execution. There’s a thing needed in action movies, or movies in general, that this movie could not create, and that is sympathy for the lead character. Once your lead heroine becomes so all powerful, all knowing, etc… that no human force can possibly oppose her anymore, the whole thing loses any semblance of drama. The problem is this movie can’t decide if it wants to be a straight up popcorn revenge flick or an artsy commentary on the nature of human intelligence. Instead it wound up being a real drag on my intelligence. This one’s a pure headache. Stay away.


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3 Comments on Quick Daily Review #68: Lucy (2014)

  1. Harsh words, definitely not one to hail as an example of genius cinema but it deserves something a little less degrading. I do like your point about teetering between revenge flick and artsy commentary which fits well as a description but a solid three stars at least surely?


    • I originally had it at one and a half and bumped it up to two considering aesthetic values and whatnot. I know others have dug it far more than me (my wife for example) but it honestly gave me a headache. And don’t call me Shirly. ;)


  2. One and a half would have been seriously harsh but I get it, it’s not for everyone. Haha strong reference

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