Quick Daily Review #71: Stage Fright (2014)


Stage Fright (2014)

Starring: Meat Loaf, Allie MacDonald

The Center Stage Theatre camp runs afoul of a dangerous heavy metal inspired serial killer when it attempts to put on a production of “The Haunting of the Opera” (A great “please don’t sue us” moniker if ever there was one). The play stars the daughter of the last person to portray the lead in that play, when it was last put on Broadway, who was tragically murdered the night before the big premiere. All of this is set up nice and neat in the pre-title sequences of the movie. The main portion of the movie follows a group of teenagers straight out of your typical slasher flick as they have sex, engage in teenage political machinations, have more sex, gossip, get slaughtered, and occasionally work on the actual play. Now, let it be said that I like movies that try something different, and Stage Fright certainly does that, attempting to blend your standard mystery slasher flick with a Glee like musical presentation. This is one of those movies that will sharply divide your household. You will either go on this ride and dig it (or at least like it) or you will hate it with such a passion that you will want to hurl a brick into the television. Personally, I was greatly amused by the whole thing. The tunes were catchy and amusing, if not memorable, and the whole pseudo mystery of the killer was just passingly interesting enough to keep my attention. Meat-Loaf plays the man in charge of the camp, and the father of the main starlet, played by Allie MacDonald. Both of them do fine jobs of taking the material just seriously enough. All in all I had fun with this, even if it isn’t something I’d rewatch, but I have read enough negative reviews to see that I am in the minority here. Proceed with caution.


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