Quick Daily Review #74: Enough Said (2013)


Enough Said (2013)

If James Gandolfini had not passed away this movie would probably go mostly unnoticed except in small critic circles, and even there it would not have blown anyone away I don’t think. That being said, knowing the circumstances of what happened, and finally getting to see this movie, as a fan of both the person and the actor, it makes me very happy that Gandolfini lived long enough to make this movie. Aside from his untouchable work as Tony Soprano, this is the best role of his career, in my opinion. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is his romantic co-star here. They both play middle aged near well-to-dos who happen into each other at a party. The twist is that Dreyfus’ character also unknowingly, at first, befriends the ex-wife of the man she winds up dating. James Gandolfini plays Albert, a divorcee who works in a cultural library that preserves old TV shows. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Eva, a middle aged masseuse. They are both parents of similar aged daughters who are about to head off to college. The joy of this movie is, like the “Before” series with Richard Linklater just hearing regular people talk like regular people, and not like “people in a movie”…. James Gandolfini prided himself as an actor on staying humble and treating the profession like any other job. He was shy, and even a little reclusive, but he had a huge depth of feeling and emotion which is on dull display here. The best moments in this movie are the quiet thoughtful ones, and the other quiet, more awkward ones, where said awkwardness almost jumps off the screen.


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2 Comments on Quick Daily Review #74: Enough Said (2013)

  1. Huge love and respect for Gandolfini’s talent and presence as actor. Thank you for the recommendation. Great review.


    • Thanks man. His passing just crushed me when it happened. I put up a tribute piece that night (that I think is still up somewhere…) just such a good dude on top of an incredible talent.


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