Quick Daily Review #78: Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Well, this is definitely not one for the under 18 crowd. This movie had more nudity and vulgarity than all of Martin Scorcese’s previous movies combined. It’s basically Goodfellas/Casino without the mob violence, or more or less last half hour of Goodfellas where Ray Liotta spirals out of control, just stretched out into an entire movie. Leo plays basically the same role he played as Howard Hughes in Aviator, or the Great Gatsby, and sort of in Django Unchaned etc; basically a rich powerful megalomaniac with no self control. Jonah Hill is his usual doofus self, but with more money and whatnot obviously.

Story in a nutshell. Guy gets rich from conning people with bad penny stocks. Takes a few companies public with his firm and makes a boatload of money skimming on the side and making back table deals. Snorts a ton of cocaine, and other drugs, sleeps with hookers, crashes a yacht, goes to prison, loses a bunch of money, but in the end is still a spoiled rich brat.

There many cool moments and great gags, but I found it to be too excessive for my liking, and I didn’t really care to see a P.O.S like Jordan Belfort get glorified, which he is, since even though the movie does not say he was a “good guy”, he is still the protagonist and people will inevitably root for and sympathize with him even though there’s no telling how many lives he ruined. He’s basically a “sexier” TV friendly version of Bernie Madoff. The movie is extremely well made though, as you would expect, hence the good rating, it is entirely too long though, by about an hour I would say.


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