Destiny Daily 5/14/15: Still Waiting on Patch 1.2.0, Wake The Hive

Destiny Daily

UPDATE: Bungie has commented on the status of patch 1.2.0 on the forums:

Solutions for technical issues that have delayed the delivery of updates have been identified. Work is ongoing and we’ll release the new content and the Patch Notes as soon as we can. Stand by for more information on timing.

Welcome back Guardians. We’re now five days away from the release of House of Wolves, and we’re still waiting on patch 1.2.0 to be deployed. Bungie updated yesterday that the delay was caused by a “late breaking technical issue” that would have “negatively impacted the way the game launches for a large portion of players.” They also noted that progress towards fixing the issue was being made. Later this evening of course is the Bungie Weekly Update, so I would imagine that if the patch still hasn’t dropped by then, another update on its status will be included.

Tomorrow of course is Friday, and that’ll mean the premiere of our Xur centered article. Until then though, here are the bounties for May 14th:

Vanguard Bounties

  • Walking Tall – Complete any strike without dying. [ 100 Rep / 5,000 XP ]
  • Fallen Leaders – Kill 10 Fallen Majors/Ultras.  [ 100 Rep / 5,000 XP ]
  • Exalted Hive – Kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras. [ 100 Rep / 5,000 XP ]
  • Relic Harvest – Venus – Collect 200 Pumice Threads on Venus [ 50 Rep / 2,500 XP ]
  • Target: Sardok, Eye of Oryx- Kill Sardok in Shrine of Oryx with Heroic Modifier active.  [ 100 Rep / 5,000 XP ]
  • Patrol Cosmodrome – Complete 6 Patrol missions in the Cosmodrome. [ 50 Rep / 2,500 XP, 10 Spinmetal ]

Another great day for Vanguard bounties. You can quickly and easily get Fallen Leaders and Relic Harvest from the Archive mission. Start from the beginning, make your way to the first Darkness zone and run to the back to kill Simkis-3 and the two major vandals and the kill die. Repeat until the bounties are completed.

Crucible Bounties

  • The Wild Hunt – Defeat 25 Hunters in the Crucible. [ 75 Rep / 3,750 XP ]
  • Dominion – Complete 5 Control Matches. [ 100 Rep / 5,000 XP ]
  • Ash and Dust – Defeat 15 Guardians with a Rocket Launcher. [ 50 Rep / 2,500 XP ]
  • First Blood – Earn 3 First Blood medals. [ 100 Rep / 5,000 XP ]
  • Back Scratcher – Earn 50 assists in the Crucible. [ 50 Rep / 2,500 XP ]
  • Stopping Power – Kill 15 Guardians with a shotgun. [ 100 Rep / 5,000 XP ]

The Crucible playlist for today is Clash.


The Dark Beyond

Ocean of Storms, Moon

“Follow the trail of a Guardian who went dark searching for a way into the Hive Fortress.”


  • Heroic – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • Juggler – No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.


Level 22:

  • Cryptarch Engram
  • 10 Helium Filaments
  • 5 Vanguard Marks
  • 4,800 XP

Level 26:

  • Ascendant Material
  • Cryptarch Engram
  • 12 Helium Filaments
  • 5 Vanguard Marks
  • 6,000 XP

Level 30:

  • 2 Ascendant Materials
  • Cryptarch Engram
  • 16 Helium Filaments
  • 5 Vanguard Marks
  • 7,500 XP

This is the super easy “we’ve woken the hive” mission. With the juggler modifier, this mission remains a piece of cake. They really need to change up the modifiers on the Daily Heroic missions so that they aren’t always the same for a mission, as well as introduce the Burns (and the new House of Wolves modifiers). If nothing else, give us a Daily Nightfall.
That’s going to do it for today. We’re pretty much in wait and countdown mode at the moment, so there really isn’t much else to say. If Bungie provides some new information about patch 1.2.0 then I’ll be sure to update this post. Hopefully I won’t have to just update, as what I really want to be able to do is post the patch notes. So maybe Bungie can get the patch out today.

I’ll be back again tomorrow with another Destiny Daily and a look at what Xur has.

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