Quick Daily Review #102: Neighbors (2014)


Neighbors (2014)

My wife found this movie far funnier than I did. I laughed at about a quarter of the jokes, she was struck by about three quarters. That may just be because I am far more jaded than she, which is definitely a compliment. That said, Seth Rogen movies mostly just make feel old these days, and his starting to transition into the roles of middle aged losers only makes things worse. In this movie Rogen and Rose Byrne play a couple with a small child who have the misfortune of a Frat House, led by Zac Efron, moving in next door. This of course results in a ton of loud noise, endless parties, and even less sleep than the parents of an infant can expect. The only logical way to move the young punks out is to top them in a long drawn out series of pranks. And that’s pretty much it, some of the pranks are funny, some are not. The movie is vulgar, but it would be dishonest if it were not considering the subject matter. This is yet another movie that wants to be the Hangover, and as far as those movies go, this is one of the better ones. I was not nearly as enamored with it as I expected to be, because I wound up finding most of the main characters mostly unlikable and pedantic. There are some laughs to be had here though, so have them if you will.


Daily Inquiry: Who do prefer: Seth Rogen or Will Farrell?

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