Destiny Daily 9/7/15: The Last Day of Year One

Destiny Daily

Today is the final day of Destiny’s first year; well that’s not technically true considering the game did launch on September 9, 2014, and today is only the 7th. But update 2.0 comes out tomorrow, and that is the official beginning of the second year. That update brings massive changes to our beloved game, all of which I think will be for the better. It also lays the groundwork for the arrival of The Taken King, one week from tomorrow. It’s a pretty exciting time if you’re a Destiny fan.

Tomorrow we get collection kiosks in the Tower. We get a new questing system and all of the year one content put into that questing system. We’ll have a weapon balancing that was long overdue, but we’ll have to see how much of a difference it actually makes. We’ll get to play Rift and Mayhem on all of the Taken King maps. And our old friend Dinklebot flys away to be replaced by a new Ghost voiced by Nolan North. If you want to wake the hive with Dinklebot again, or hear him scream “A CELL, FROM THE PRISON OF ELDERS,” today is your last day to do so. Tomorrow, a new voice greets us

Here are the bounties for 9/7:

Vanguard Bounties

  • It’s All in the Head – Kill 100 enemies with precision damage.
  • Unstoppable – Earn 9000 Experience without dying.
  • Predator and Prey – Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them.
  • TARGET: Zydron, Gate Lord – Defeat Zydron in the “Eye of a Gate Lord” mission on Venus with the Heroic modifier active.
  • TARGET Primus Sha’aull – Defeat Primus Shau’ull in “The Garden’s Spire” mission on Mars with the Heroic modifier active.
  • Patrol the Moon – Complete 6 Patrol missions on the Moon.

Crucible Bounties

  • Shake the Pillars – Defeat 25 Titans in the Crucible.
  • First Blood – Earn 3 First Blood medals.
  • Stay Golden – Complete 5 Rumble Matches.
  • Target Practice – Kill 15 Guardians with a Hand Cannon.
  • No Riding Zone – Defeat 10 Guardians on Vehicles.
  • That’s How I Roll – Earn 5 Multikill medals.

The Daily PVP Playlist is Clash – Eternal War

The Future War Cult seeks champions who can face the inexorable future. All-out team warfare. Destroy the enemy.


  • Crucible Gear
  • Crucible Marks
  • Crucible Reputation
  • XP Bonus


A Stranger’s Calling

Ishtar Sink, Venus

“Follow the Stranger’s coordinates to a legendary colony lost in the jungles of Venus.”


  • Heroic – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • Juggler – No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.


  • Ascendant Materials x2
  • Cryptarch Engram x1
  • Spirit Bloom x16
  • Vanguard Marks x5
  • XP Bonus x7500


That’s all for today. Hopefully Bungie releases the patch notes for 2.0 today, just because I want to read through the entirety of them now. If and when they do, I’ll have them posted here on the site. Also a word of caution for those of you who don’t like knowing things in advance. Tomorrow’s update is around a 18GB download, so it is downloading The Taken King. And that means that the database for the game will be updated and sites like Planet Destiny, Destiny DB, and others will be having a field day uncovering all the new weapons, armor, items, missions, etc. So I would avoid those sites if there’s stuff you don’t want to know about until you come across it yourself. Personally, I can’t wait to look through it all.

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