Destiny Daily 10/14/15: The Coming War, Iron Banner, Bounties

Destiny Daily

Daily Heroic Story: The Coming War

Fleetbase Korus, Phobos Travel to Phobos and investigate the Cabal distress signal.


  • Heroic – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.


  • Legendary Marks +15

This one is super easy. Just kill the ultra in the first room Oryx’s hologram appears in, and then run. You don’t have to kill anything else, and unless necessary, it’s best if you don’t because your escape is on a timer during the heroic version. So just book it.

Daily Crucible: Skirmish

The Crucible “Leave no ally behind, and no enemy standing.” —Lord Shaxx

Small-team tactics. Kill the enemy. Revive teammates.

  • 3v3 Team Deathmatch
  • Fireteam: 1-3 Players
  • Revives Enabled
  • Level Advantages Disabled


  • Legendary Marks +15

Vanguard Bounties

Bounty Description
Venus Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on Venus.
Call Lightning
Get 30 kills with Arc Abilities.
Kill It With Fire
Get 30 kills with Solar weapons.
Font of Light
Generate 20 Orbs of Light.
Taken Hunting
Defeat 10 Taken Majors or Ultras.
Oryx’s Horde
Defeat 50 Taken.

Crucible Bounties

Bounty Description
Live Fire Exercise
Win a Crucible match in any playlist.
Defeat 15 opposing Guardians in a single match.
Aerial Surgeon
Defeat an opposing Guardian with a Throwing Knife headshot.
Revive 3 teammates in the Skirmish playlist.
Defeat 3 opposing Guardians while both your teammates are alive.
Team That Grenades Together As a Fireteam of 2 or more players, defeat 7 opposing Guardians with grenade abilities.

Iron Banner Bounties:

Bounty Description
Iron Gauntlet Impress Lord Saladin with extraordinary feats in the Iron Banner.
Iron Marathon
Complete 13 Iron Banner matches and win 7.
Iron Versatility
Defeat 100 Guardians with Primary weapons, 50 with Special weapons and 25 with Heavy weapons.
Heavy Iron
Defeat 3 opposing Guardians with a Heavy Weapon.
Familiar Iron
Defeat 13 opposing Guardians with Primary Weapons.
Iron Domination
Win an Iron Banner match with a score of at least 2500.

I did the raid last night and didn’t have great raid drops; my third pair of gauntlets (which is the only meaningful raid armor I have), my second cloak, a 309 Ghost (which certainly is nice), a machine gun that was just higher than my other one, and the scout rifle dropped at 306 (which as far as weapons go was the one I wanted, just not with the roll I wanted). And yes, I know that certainly looks great to all those who just get moldering shards, so I can’t complain. But my luck was on fire with the engrams; I picked up a TON of blue engrams, a sublime engram, two legendary engrams, and an exotic engram. I’ve never had three legendary engrams and an exotic engram drop in one day like that, let alone during the course of one raid. That engrams drop in King’s Fall is one of my favorite things about it.

I know it’s Armsday, but for now I won’t be touching that in this series. In the future that could change, and if you want to see it mentioned (the various rolls from the previous week’s orders and the orders available this week) then just let me know in the comments.

That does it for today. See you again tomorrow morning for another Destiny Daily.

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