Destiny Weekly: January 5th – 11th Reset, Dust Palace Nightfall

Destiny Weekly

The first weekly reset of 2016 has arrived. Here’s your activities in Destiny for the week of January 5th through January 11th, and certain parts of this post will update daily (such as the Daily Heroic portion and the Daily Crucible portion):

Nightfall: Dust Palace

Meridian Bay, Mars A new Cabal force has unleashed powerful Psion Flayers to seize control of the old Martian Warmind. Face this new threat and secure what remains of the ancient network.


  • Epic – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.
  • Void Burn – Void damage from any source is greatly increased.
  • Berserk – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.
  • Specialist – Special Weapon damage is favored.
  • Juggler – No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.
  • Grounded – Players take more damage while airborne.

King’s Fall Challenge Mode: Oryx

  • Detonate 16 orbs at once.

NM loot is 310, HM is 320 Light.

  • Agonarch Karve (ship)
  • Helmet or Artifact
  • Weapon(s)
  • Calcified Fragment
  • Of Light and Hunger Emblem

Court of Oryx Tier 3 Boss: Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota

Daily Heroic Story

  • Tuesday (1/5) – The Coming War: Travel to Phobos and investigate the Cabal distress signal. [Fleetbase Korus, Phobos]
  • Wednesday (1/6) – Lost To Light: Return to the Chamber of Night and steal a shard of the crystal that once held Crota’s soul.  [Ocean of Storms, Moon] (BLACK SPINDLE OPPORTUNITY)

Crucible Playlists:

  • Weekly Playlist – Mayhem Clash: “Enjoy yourselves, Guardians.” —Lord Shaxx Embrace the chaos. Greatly increased ability recharge rates. Faster Special and Heavy Ammo spawns. No respawn delay. Scoring values multiplied by 10.  

Daily Playlist:

  • Tuesday (1/5) – Skirmish: “Leave no ally behind, and no enemy standing.” —Lord Shaxx Small-team tactics. Kill the enemy. Revive teammates.
  • Wednesday (1/6) – Rumble: “Pure combat. Your only job is to make sure you’re still standing when the dust settles.” —Lord Shaxx Kill everything. Watch your back.  

Lord Shaxx Bounties

Name Description
Individual Achievement Complete Crucible matches with an individual score of at least 1500 points.
Making an Impact Win 7 matches.
Crucible Combat Win one game in three different Crucible game modes.
Featured Matches Earn points in any featured Crucible playlist. Wins are worth 3 points. Completing a match is worth 1 point.
As a Team Complete 5 Crucible matches in a Fireteam of 2 or more players.
The True Meaning of War Complete all 5 of Shaxx’s weekly bounties in one week.

Arcite 99-40 Bounties

Name Description
Full Auto Complete matches in any playlist with a minimum of 6 Auto Rifle kills.
Ballistic Trauma Win 3 matches in any playlist with a minimum of 6 Hand Cannon kills.
Bullet Grouping Complete matches in any playlist with a minimum of 6 Pulse Rifle kills.
Ballistic Trauma Expert Complete a match in any playlist with a minimum of 9 Hand Cannon kills.


Test Weapons

Weapons Weapon-Type Completion Method
Omolon Test FR1 Fusion Rifle Use in the Crucible
Omolon Test HC1 Hand Cannon Use against Vex targets
SUROS TSR-10 Rocket Launcher Use in the Crucible
Häkke Test-A Shotgun Score Crucible kills
Omolon Test RR1 Sniper Rifle Use in the Crucible

Arms Day Foundry Orders

Weapons Weapon-Type
SUROS PDX-41 Pulse Rifle
SUROS JLB-42 Rocket Launcher
SUROS JLB-47 Rocket Launcher
Häkke Strongbow-D Shotgun
Häkke Tamar-D Sniper Rifle


Petra Venj Bounties

Name Description
Take the Wanted WANTED: Irxori, Lost to Oryx. Cosmodrome. Fireteam recommended.
Take Them Out Kill 12 Consumed or named Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Vex at the Cosmodrome.
Take Them All Kill 100 Taken.
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