Destiny Weekly: It’s Time To Make It Rain Purple In Destiny

Destiny is in a really rough place right now, and there’s just no denying it. And I say that as it relates to the hardcore players.

The Christmas kinderguardians I’m sure are having a blast because they’re still only one month into the game. It’s still fresh to them.

But for us day one players with a thousand plus hours invested, Destiny is drying up fast.

I went from playing every day to rarely playing over the past month.

And here’s the thing, it is okay to move on and play another game. Of course it is. But for a lot of us, Destiny is just a fun game and we WANT to play it.

But sometimes fun isn’t enough, particularly when there are a lot of fun games out there.

For me, it’s not just a lack of new content. Of course I want new story missions, new modes, new strikes, new raids, new maps, new gear, and a new location. What Destiny player doesn’t?

More than anything, in the right here and now, I want a REASON to play the current content.

Destiny, to be a loot driven game, just isn’t rewarding. You can play hours and not get anything, and that just shouldn’t happen.

I’ve long thought and said that Bungie doesn’t want us to play Destiny more than a few hours a week, but I think that’s more true than ever these past few months.

Destiny is far too restrictive in its current form to be as stingy with loot as it is.

In year one, I did the Nightfall three times a week every week. Solo or with a fireteam, it was at least somewhat challenging because of the namesake modifier. One mistake meant starting all over. There was loot worth getting, and if you got an exotic, it was going to drop at max light.

Now, I may do a Nightfall once, but I don’t care to do it. It’s not as fun, and it’s not a challenge. It just doesn’t feel like end-game content, and it is no surprise then that the rewards are terrible.

I’ll never understand the logic behind some of Bungie’s decisions.

They spent all that time designing weapons and armor for vanilla Destiny, and that got replaced three months later by The Dark Below stuff. Five months later, all that stuff got replaced by House of Wolves stuff… but not really because you could ascend gear you still had from year one to the HoW max light. It was pretty nice. Less than four months later, all of it was rendered useless with the new Taken King stuff.

We’re coming up on five months and there’s still nothing to replace the current stuff.

And I don’t think the current stuff should simply be replaced. Removing content doesn’t make sense to me.

They don’t want people just using Fatebringer or Shadow Price, or whatever, so they replace it. Well now it’s Hung Jury in PVE. They didn’t solve anything, they just continue to limit the options.

All of the year one weapons and armor, vendor and otherwise, needs to be added back to the game. That includes the raids, Prison of Elders, the original Queen’s Wrath stuff… all of it. Remove the elemental damage from the raid primaries if you wish.

The raid stuff should obviously drop from the raids. You just turn the current hard mode versions into normal mode, while having the current normal be considered “easy.” Hard mode simply gets enemies scaled to the max light level (start at 300 with the final boss being 320). New versions of raid gear drops exclusively from the hard mode.

Original Queen’s Wrath stuff should drop, at current light levels, from completing Queen’s bounties (which there should be more of). Prison stuff from playing Prison of Elders.

All the old vendor items, and non-vendor items (such as those exclusively found in strike playlist or crucible), should drop in any activity at current light levels as either engrams or straight drops (purples that are automatically decoded).

Go into the code, and crank up the drop rate percentage for legendaries across the board in every game mode. It needs to rain purple in Destiny.

People will play, a lot, if they are given a reason to do so. If I hop on Destiny and know that if I just play 30 minutes I’ll probably end up with 10+ legendaries, then I’d play Destiny every day.

It gives people something to farm for in any game mode. That includes dropping from any enemy in the old raids and Prison, just like engrams drop in King’s Fall.

There would be so many weapons and armor in the game, with so many possible perk rolls, that people would gladly return to playing the same content for hours on end just hoping to get a specific item to drop with a specific roll. And the odds of getting your preferred weapon with your preferred roll would obviously be incredibly small, but the players would still have na incentive to play.

And I think that’s what most of us want. We just want a reason to play. I don’t want to play Destiny for two hours and get absolutely nothing. Shooting heads off of aliens in the same way can only be so fun for so long. There needs to be something there.

A game of Iron Banner rift.

You play Diablo with some buddies on a T10 rift and it’s just legendaries everywhere. It’s been 12 minutes and I have 15 legendaries, and the actual rift has been over for probably five minutes.

If you have a short window to play, you know you can jump into a rift in Diablo and do two of them and come out probably with 20 legendaries. I played a small amount of time, and got a lot of rewards. It makes me want to play more.

In Destiny, you can a have short window, decide to play two crucible matches or run two strikes, and get nothing. Even if you have more time, RNG could be against you and you could do a hard raid and get nothing but worthless shards if anything. Getting nothing should never be an option. The player’s time should always be respected. It doesn’t make you want to play, it just frustrates you.

And beyond that, that are some really great looking uncommon and rare weapons and armor in the game that look amazing, and the light level system makes completely useless. Why make this great looking blue armor set that’s only going to be viable game gear for maybe an hour early in the game?

It makes no sense, and the light system (that’s always existed in Destiny) really just makes these great weapons and armor not worth anything to players. No end-game player cares when they see a blue engram drop. Most of us, on our primary character, no longer even see so-called “uncommon” green engrams anymore.

It’s all stuff that might as well not even exist, like everything else from year one.

I just don’t understand it. All gear should be viable, or at least made to where it can be viable. And I’m going to have A LOT more to say about this particular subject in next week’s Destiny Weekly.

I understand that it takes time to make new content, and that’s fine. But rather than stupid limited time events like Crimson Days, I’d rather Bungie spend a little time looking at the content they’ve ALREADY made and making it relevant. All strikes brought back, all raids and Prison of Elders brought back. And more importantly, all of the old weapons and gear brought back by dropping in the game in any game mode.

You already have these files, these assets, use them. If I were playing Patrol on Cosmodrome and a purple dropped from some random dreg, and I ran over it and it was Shadow Price at 295, I’d be extremely happy. Even if it had a bad roll. I’d want to keep playing.

So my advice to Bungie, because a lot of us would GLADLY play the EXISTING content in the game if we had a reason to do so, would just be to put all of the old stuff back in the game at current light levels with the infuse option and ramp up the legendary drop rates by a significant margin.

It should be raining purple in Destiny.

With the amount of weapons and armor that would be added back to the game, in addition to what is already available, with all possible perk rolls, getting exactly what you want would still be rare. But at least you’d know if you played two hours you would have acquired a ton of legendaries, so you’d at least have a chance.

And that’s certainly better than hoping for a specific weapon with an exact roll now and playing for two hours and knowing you’re probably not going to get anything aside from maybe a legendary class item engram and, if you’re doing a nightfall, a ghost.

The whole game should be a loot cave at this point. Open the flood gates and let the purple drops flow.

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