Destiny Armsday 3/9/16 Guide: Stock, Rolls, and Recommendations

Destiny Armsday Guide

It’s Wednesday, aka Armsday, the most exciting day of the Destiny week.

If you’re a year one player and you’ve acquired every exotic in the game, you likely no longer care about Friday and Xur’s weekly visit. Xursday just isn’t remotely as exciting as it was during year one, because Three of Coins made exotics too easy to come by and Xur’s stock is a measly 280 light.

Thankfully, we have Armsday. The day when our old friend Banshee-44 offers up a new selection of legendary weapons for us to purchase, and even more exciting when we get to see the rolls being offered on our previous orders.

Right now, I’m sitting on old packages for a Cocytus SR4, Arminius-D, and Aoife Rua-D. Will this be the week for a “god roll,” or will I have to sit on the package for another week?

Before we get into the rolls on the old packages, let’s take a look at what Banshee has to sell us this week.

New Weapon Stock

Suros DIS-47 – Scout Rifle

Omolon Uffern HC4 – Hand Cannon

Hakke Strongbow-D – Shotgun

Hakke Aoife Rua-D – Sniper Rifle

Omolon Uzume RR4 – Sniper Rifle

Patriot’s Point: I really hate that you can only hold three packages at a time. I had to cash in my Aoife Rua-D in order to purchase the Uffern HC4. My recommendation for new orders, depending on how many you can get, is to pick up both the DIS-47 and the Uffern HC4. You’re going to want Full Auto and a stability upgrade on the DIS-47. For the Uffern, and this is more PVP focused, you’re going to want Luck in the Chamber and Rifled Barrel for sure, and then hopefully Outlaw, Life Support, or Icarus. You can skip the sniper rifle (although I really wanted a surplus Aoife Rua-D for PVE) and the Strongbow is good but not a top priority when there are limited packages that you can hold.

Previous Rolls & Recommendations

New Orders: These are the weapons that were available last week for order.

Roll 1: SLO-19/SPO-26/SRO-37 | Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame | Hip Fire | Speed Reload/Hand-Laid Stock

Roll 2: SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-37 | Hammer Forged/Casket Mag | Rodeo | Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel

Roll 3: SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-37 | Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame | Outlaw | Snapshot/Smallbore

No Data

Roll 1:Aggressive Launch/Smart Drift Control/Hard Launch | Heavy Payload/Flared Magwell | Grenades And Horseshoes | Javelin/Lightweight

Roll 2:Aggressive Launch/Linear Compensator/Hard Launch | Single Point Sling/Speed Reload | Surplus | Perfect Javelin/Quickdraw

Roll 3:Warhead Verniers/Soft Launch/Hard Launch | Heavy Payload/Flared Magwell | Vacuum | Javelin/Snapshot

Roll 1:Warhead Verniers/Soft Launch/Hard Launch | Heavy Payload/Speed Reload | Surplus | Javelin/Lightweight

Roll 2:Warhead Verniers/Smart Drift Control/Hard Launch | Single Point Sling/Flared Magwell | Vacuum | Perfect Balance/Quickdraw

Roll 3:Warhead Verniers/Linear Compensator/Counter Mass | Heavy Payload/Speed Reload | Reactive Reload | Perfect Balance/Snapshot

Roll 1: ATA Scout/ATD Raptor | Unflinching | Zen Moment | Perfect Balance/Snapshot/Braced Frame

Roll 2: ATA Scout/ATD Raptor | Counterbalance | Partial Refund | Perfect Balance/Snapshot/Braced Frame

Roll 3:ATA Scout/ ATD Raptor | Unflinching | Zen Moment | Perfect Balance/Snapshot/Braced Frame

Old Orders: These are the weapons that were available in previous weeks for order.


Roll 1: GB Iron/SD Thermal | Army of One | Focused Fire | High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel

Roll 2: GA Post/SD Thermal | Crowd Control | Spray and Play | High Caliber Rounds | Hand Loaded | Rifled Barrel

Roll 3: GB Iron/LD Watchdog | Hot Swap | Glass Half Full | High Caliber Rounds/Fitted Stock/Rifled Barrel

Cocytus SR4

Roll 1: Spark IS6/Torch HS2/Signal MS5; Rescue Mag; Extended Mag/Casket Mag; Zen Moment/Underdog

Roll 2: Candle IS2/Torch HS2/Signal MS5; Replenish; Lightweight/Hand-Laid Stock; Zen Moment/Danger Close

Roll 3: Spark IS6/Flash HS4/Signal MS5; Triple Tap; Quickdraw/Casket Mag; Zen Moment/Danger Close

Eirene RR4

Roll 1 (Solar): Corvo SS2/Aquila SS4 | Army of One | Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel | Life Support | Mulligan

Roll 2 (Arc): Condor SS2/Faucon SS1 | Army of One | Lightweight/Casket Mag | Unflinching/Eye of the Storm

Roll 3 (Void): Condor SS2/Faucon SS1 | Army of One | Single Point Sling/Hand-Laid Stock | Life Support | Mulligan

Thesan FR4

Roll 1: Spark IS6/Flash HS4 | Army of One | Enhanced Battery/Oiled Frame | Rangefinder/Eye of the Storm

Roll 2: Candle IS2/Flash HS4 | Army of One | Quickdraw/Injection Mold | Life Support/Eye of the Storm

Roll 3: Spark IS6/Flash HS4 | Army of One | Lightweight/Hand-laid Stock | Rangefinder/Eye of the Storm


Soft Ballistics/Agressive Ballistics | Last Resort | Battle Runner | Lightweight/Hand Loaded/Hand-Laid Stock

Smart Drift Control/Linear Compensator | Close and/or personal | Battle Runner | Lightweight/Fitted Stock/Hand-Laid Stock

Soft Ballistics/Field Choke | Last Resort | Battle Runner | Lightweight/Perfect Balance/Hand-Laid Stock

Tuonela SR4

Roll 1: Candle IS2/Flash HS4/Signal MS5 | Rescue Mag | Single Point Sling/Hand-Laid Stock | Zen Moment/Surrounded

Roll 2: Spark IS6/Flash HS4/Signal MS5 | Icarus | Lightweight/Rifled Barrel | Third Eye/Surrounded

Roll 3: Candle IS2/Torch HS2/Impulse MS2 | Triple Tap | Snapshot/Hand-Laid Stock | Third Eye/Exhumed

Suros ARI-45

Roll 1: SLO-12/SPO-26/SRO-41 | Hammer Forged/Oiled Frame | Snapshot/Hand-laid Stock | Focused Fire

Roll 2: SLO-12/SPO-26/SRO-41 | High Caliber Rounds/Casket Mag | Single Point Sling/Reinforced Barrel | Rodeo

Roll 3: SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-37 | Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame | Single Point Sling/Smallbore | Focused Fire

Suros ARI-41

Roll 1: SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-41 | Hammer Forged/Appended Mag | Speed Reload/Injection Mold | Private Eye

Roll 2: SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-41 | HCR/Feather Mag | Snapshot/Reinforced Barrel | Hipfire

Roll 3: SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-41 | Perfect Bal/Casket Mag | Snapshot / Smallbore | Rodeo


Roll 1: Fastdraw IS/Steady Hand IS | Hotswap | Rangefinder | Hand loaded/Armor piercing rounds/Oiled Frame

Roll 2: Fastdraw/Steady Hand | Surrounded | Outlaw | Hand loaded/Armor piercing/Smallbore

Roll 3: Truesight/Steady Hand | Surrounded | Rangefinder | Speed Reload/Armor piercing/ Smallbore


Roll 1: ATA Scout/ATD Raptor | Counterbalance | Partial Refund | Explosive rounds/Quickdraw/Appended Mag

Roll 2: ATB Long Range/ATD Raptor | Unflinching | Zen Moment | Explosive/Quickdraw/Appended

Roll 3: ATB Long Range/ATD Raptor | Counterbalance | Partial Refund | Explosive/Quickdraw/Appended


Kumakatok HC4

Roll 1: Fastdraw/Quickdraw/Truesight | Thirdeye | Extended Mag/Braced Frame | Rescue Mag/Surrounded

Roll 2: Fastdraw/Quickdraw/Sureshot | Thirdeye | Single point sling/Injection mold | Triple Tap/Exhumed

Roll 3: Fastdraw/Steadyhand/Sureshot | Thirdeye | Single point/Braced Frame | Rescue Mag/Exhumed


Suros PDX-45

Roll 1: High Caliber/Oiled Frame | Unflinching | Snapshot/Injection Mold

Roll 2: Perfect Balance/Casket Mag| Rangefinder | Snapshot/Reinforced Barrel

Roll 3: Fitted Stock | Take A Knee | Single Point Slug/Rifled Barrel

Patriot’s Point: Still holding on to my packages for Cocytus and Arminius-D. The Cocytus came close, but not what I’m waiting for. I want, for PVP, Torch HS2/Life Support/Hand-Laid Stock/Third Eye or Zen Moment. For Arminius-D, I’m holding out for Counterbalance, Crowd Control, and another stability upgrade.

We’ll see what comes next week. Hopefully I can cash in all three of my packages.

Credit to r/DestinyTheGame for the roll information on the old packages.

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