Destiny Daily 3/10/16: Outbound Signal + Salvage

Destiny Daily

Daily Heroic Story: Outbound Signal

Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn Track a signal from the crashed Cabal ship. Board the Dreadnaught and put an end to this transmission to the stars.


  • Heroic – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.


  • Legendary Marks +15

Daily Crucible: Salvage

The Crucible “Treasures and forgotten tech lie waiting in the wake of the Golden Age’s collapse. One must be swift and fierce to claim them.” —Lord Shaxx

Race the other team to capture and hold relics.

  • 3v3 Team Objective
  • Fireteams Allowed
  • Revives Enabled
  • Level Advantages Disabled


  • Legendary Marks +15

Vanguard Bounties

Bounty Description
Dreadnaught Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on the Dreadnaught.
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Kill 15 enemies with attachable grenades.
Font of Light Generate 20 Orbs of Light.
Hand of Thunder Get 30 Arc weapon kills.
Hive Hunting Defeat 50 Hive.
Hunting the Exalted Defeat 10 Hive Majors or Ultras.

Crucible Bounties

The class specific bounty is not included.

Bounty Description
Erupting Light Defeat 3 opposing Guardians with your grenade ability.
Hard Fought Win any Crucible match with an individual score of at least 2500 points.
Signal Cancelled Disable an enemy Probe in a Salvage match.
Probe Defense Defeat opposing Guardians while an allied Salvage Probe is active.
Team That Works Together As a Fireteam of 2 or more players, collectively defeat 25 opposing Guardians.

Bungie will be doing a live stream with members of the Audio Team. You can check that out at 1pm CT on Bungie’s Twitch channel.

Bungie will also have the weekly blog post “This Week At Bungie” up later this evening. That’ll be posted here as well in a separate post.

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