The Division Daily 3/16/16: Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Amherst’s Apartment

The Division Daily

The title reads “The Division Daily,” but this is more of an experimental thing. If you’ve followed the site for a while, you’d know that I’ve done “Destiny Daily” off and on since the first month that game launched (and just recently brought the feature back). With The Division occupying my time now (although I’m still trying to fit Destiny in), and since it has daily missions, I figured I might as well see how a Division Daily goes. So here we are.

Of course there won’t be as much information here as in the Destiny one. After all, there are no bounties to have to cover here.

Also, I know it’s March 15th when this post is going up. The Division daily reset is at a goofy time for us American’s, it’s 7pm CT (and that’s like 1am in Sweden, where Massive Entertainment is, and France, where Ubisoft is headquartered so it makes since to a degree).  So it is what it is.

Now in order to do a Division daily mission, you must be level 30. That’s when they unlock, as it is endgame content.

Depending on how this goes, I may visit the different vendors and see what they’re selling and include anything that might be worthwhile in the post. That’d obviously delay the post quite a bit. We’ll see.

With all of that out of the way, here’s what the Daily Missions are for March 16th:

Daily Hard Missions

Medical – Amherst’s Apartment – Suspected bioterrorist Gordon Amherst’s apartment has been located in a residential building in Hell’s Kitchen. Investigate the site and recover any evidence you find.

Rewards: 15 Phoenix Credits, Specialized Crafting Materials, 11,000 Credits, 1 Specialized Equipment Item

Normal difficulty level: 14

Medical – Madison Field Hospital – Rioters have taken over the Madison Square Garden field hospital, holding CERA staff hostage inside. Find and rescue Dr. Jessica Kandel and the other medical staff.

Rewards: 15 Phoenix Credits, Specialized Crafting Materials, 10,000 Credits, 1 Specialized Equipment Item

Normal difficulty level: 4

Daily Challenging Mission

Security – Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint – The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint is under attack by rioters. Secure the checkpoint and get the commander of the Joint Task Force, Captain Roy Benitez, back to the Base of Operations.

Rewards: 20 Phoenix Credits, High End Crafting Materials, 19250 Credits, High End Gear Item

Normal difficulty level: 5

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