Destiny Armsday 3/16/16 Guide: Fantastic Stock, Terrible Rolls

Destiny Armsday Guide


It’s Armsday, Guardians! If you don’t already have packages you’re waiting to cash in, then you are absolutely in luck this week.

Banshee has resupplied for the week with what is probably the best stock he has had at one time yet. In fact, I don’t think he could have a better stock, especially if you enjoy PVP.

So with that said, here’s what is available from Banshee this week:

New Weapon Stock

Hakke Arminius-D – Auto Rifle

Omolon Uffern HC4 – Hand Cannon

Suros DIS-47 – Scout Rifle

Hakke Lyudmila-D – Pulse Rifle

Suros PDX-45 – Pulse Rifle

Patriot’s Point: I already have three packages that I’m holding on to, and much like this week’s stock they’re all primaries. One is the Arminius-D, and one is the Uffern. If you don’t have either of those already then get them (you can probably skip Arminius if you have a Doctrine of Passing). The DIS-47 is fanstatic as a high ROF, low impact scout rifle. You want as much stability as you can get and full auto on it. The Lyudmila-D isn’t bad, but I just don’t care for Hakke pulse rifles, so if you’re in the market for a pulse, definitely get the Suros PDX-45. I got mine from a reward package the first month of The Taken King with Perfect Balance, Counter Balance, and a range booster (the Armsday package for one was very similar just a couple of weeks ago). It’s an absolute laser beam and I’d say the best pulse rifle in the game.

Previous Rolls & Recommendations

New Orders: These are the weapons that were available last week for order.

  1. SLO-19/SPO-26/SPO-57 | Perfect Balance/Feather Mag | Rodeo | Lightweight/Injection Mold
  2. SLO-19/SPO-28/SPO-57 | High Caliber Rounds/Appended Magazine | Hip Fire | Lightweight/Smallbore
  3. SLO-10/SPO-26/SRO-41 | High Caliber Rounds/Oiled Frame | Rodeo | Speed Reload/Smallbore

  1. Fastdraw IS/Quickdraw IS/Truesight IS-Zen Moment-SPS/Rifle Barrel-Rescue Mag/Exhumed.
  2. Fastdraw IS/Steadyhand IS/Truesight IS-Mulligan-Extend Mag/Reinforced Barrel-Life Support/Eye of The Storm.
  3. Fastdraw IS/Quickdraw IS/Truesight IS-Mulligan-Lightweight/Inhection Mold-Icarus/Eye of the Storm.

  1. Solar damage – Smooth Ballistics | Accurized Ballistics – Close and/or Personal – Kneepads – Flared Magwell | Perfect Balance | Hand-Laid Stock
  2. Arc damage – CQB Ballistics | Accurized Ballistics – Last Resort – Hot Swap – Lightweight | Hand Loaded | Hand Laid Stock
  3. Solar damage – Smooth Ballistics | Filed Choke – Crowd Control – Hot Swap – Lightweitght | Perfect Balance | Hand-Laid Stock

  1. Long Range / Raptor | Rodeo | Guerilla Fighter | Explosive Rounds / Quickdraw / Appended Mag
  2. Long Range / Raptor | Take a Knee | Zen Moment | Explosive Rounds / Snapshot / Braced Frame
  3. Scout / Raptor | Rodeo | Partial Refund | Explosive Rounds / Snapshot / Braced Frame

  1. Void – Condor SS2/Faucon SS1 – Performance Bonus – Lightweight/Casket Mag – Zen Moment/Eye of the Storm
  2. Arc – Condor SS2/Aquila SS4 – Performance Bonus – Lightweight/Oiled Frame – Replenish/Mulligan
  3. Arc – Yepaki SS2/Aquila SS4 – Army of One – Single Point Sling/Rifled Barrel – Zen Moment/Exhumed

Old Orders: These are the weapons that were available in previous weeks for order.


  1. SC Holo/LB Assault | Danger Close | Glass Half Full | Single Point Sling/Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel
  2. GB Iron/LC Ranged | Hot Swap | Rangefinder | High Caliber Rounds/Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel
  3. GA Post/LD Watchdog | Crowd Control | Glass Half Full | High Caliber Rounds/Fitted Stock/Rifled Barrel


  1. SLO-12/SPO-26/SRO-37 | Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame | Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel | Spray and Play
  2. SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-37 | High Caliber Rounds/Casket Mag | Lightweight/Injection Mold | Counterbalance
  3. SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-37 | High Caliber Rounds/Oiled Frame | Speed Reload/Hand-laid Stock | Icarus

Tuonela SR4

  1. Candle IS2/Flash HS4/Impulse MS2 | Icarus | Quickdraw/Smallbore | Army of One/Exhumed
  2. Spark IS6/Flash HS4/Impulse MS2 | Replenish | Lightweight/Rifled Barrel | Army of One/Surrounded
  3. Candle IS2/Torch HS2/Impulse MS2 | Replenish | Lightweight/Smallbore | Grenadier/Eye of the Storm

Thesan FR4

  1. (Solar): Candle IS2/Torch HS2 | Army of One | Skip Rounds/Braced Frame | Life Support/Exhumed
  2. (Solar): Spark IS6/Torch HS2 | Spray and Play | Skip Rounds/Injection Mold | Rangefinder/Surrounded
  3. (Void): Candle IS2/Torch HS2 | Army of One | Snapshot/Injection Mold | Life Support/Surrounded

Eirene RR4

  1. (Solar): Condor SS2/Faucon SS1 | Performance Bonus | Single Point Sling/Hand-laid Stock | Replenish/Mulligan
  2. (Solar): Yepaki SS2/Faucon SS1 | Army of One | Single Point Sling/Oiled Frame | Clown Cartridge/Exhumed
  3. (Void): Yepaki SS2/Faucon SS2 | Army of One | Single Point Sling/Reinforced Barrel | Replenish/Shoot to Loot

Cocytus SR4

  1. Spark IS6/Torch HS2/Signal MS5-Replenish-Extended Mag/Feather Mag-Third Eye/Exhumed.
  2. Candle IS2/Flash HS4/Impulse MS2-Replenish-Extend Mag/Casket Mag-Firefly/Underdog.
  3. Spark IS6/Flash HS4/Impulse MS2-Life Support-Quickdraw/HLS-Firefly/Eye of the Storm.

Suros JLB-47

  1. Confined Launch/Linear Compensator/Countermass-SPS/Speed Reload-Feeding Frenzy-Javelin/Snapshot.
  2. Confined Launch/Smart Drift Control/Hard Launch-Heavy Payload/Flared Magwell-Unflinching-Perfect Balance/Snapshot.
  3. Confined Launch/Smart Drift Control/Countermass-Heavy Payload/Speed Reload-Tracking-Perfect Balance/Quick Draw.


  1. Truesight/Steadyhand | Danger Close | Who’s Next | Speed Reload / Explosive Rounds / Reinforced Barrel
  2. Quickdraw/Sureshot | Relentless Tracker | Spary & Play | Speed Reload / Armor Piercing Rounds / Oiled Frame
  3. Truesight/Steadyhand | Relentless Tracker | Zen Moment | Speed Reload / Explosive Rounds / Oiled Frame


  1.  ATB Long Range / ATD Raptor | Take a Knee | Feeding Frenzy | Explosive Rounds / Quickdraw / Appended Magazine
  2. Long Range / Raptor | Unflinching | Guerilla Fighter | Explosive Rounds / Quickdraw / Appended Mag
  3. ATA Scout / Raptor | Take a Knee | Feeding Frenzy | Explosive Rounds / Snapshot / Appended Mag

Kumakatok HC4

  1. Fastdraw IS / Steadyhand IS / Sureshot IS | Zen Moment | Single Point Sling / Braced Frame | Outlaw / Surrounded
  2. Fastdraw / Quickdraw IS / Sureshot | Zen Moment | Extended Mag / Rifled Barrel | Firefly / Surrounded
  3. Fastdraw / Quickdraw / Truesight IS | Third Eye | Quickdraw / Braced Frame | Triple Tap / Exhumed

Hakke Zarinaea-D

  1. GB Iron / SD Thermal | Relentless Tracker | Counter Balance / High Caliber Rounds / Fitted Stock / Rifled Barrel
  2. GA Post / LB Assault | Hot Swap | Feeding Freenzy /High Caliber Rounds /  Hand Loaded / Rifled Barrel
  3. GA Post / SD Thermal | Army of One | Spray and Play | Snap Shot / Speed Reload / Small Bore

Patriot’s Point: I decided to go ahead and cash in my Cocytus for roll 3. It’s not a good roll for PVP, but for PVE it’s decent enough. I’ll just give it to my Titan. It’s no Dead Orbit Hung Jury, and the magazine size of 12 certainly does it no favors, but sometimes you just want to roll with a different weapon instead of always using the same thing.

We’ll see what comes next week. Maybe we can get a Luck in the Chamber/Icarus (or Third Eye) Uffern then, because the rolls on it this week were hot garbage.

Credit to r/DestinyTheGame for the roll information on the old packages.

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