The Division Daily 3/17/16: Lexington Event Center, Police Academy

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Another day has come and gone in the world of The Division, and it’s once again time for the daily reset. I think the format that I went with for yesterday’s debut edition was good enough, thus I’ll be keeping it for the foreseeable future.

With today’s installment, I will be listing the Superior quality items that are available for purchase today at the Base of Operations. I’m not including Safehouse or Dark Zone vendor items. All prices will be at level 30, and I’ll only be including talents for weapons and built in stat. I won’t be including DPS numbers or anything like that, since that is going to vary from player to play based on setups with the Firearms stat and so on.

Later on, I may add Safehouse items, but as that involves having to fast travel to each one, and then write down the information, it just screams big waste of time. So for now, just the Base of Operations gear will be listed.

So with that said, here are the Daily Missions for March 17th in The Division:

Daily Hard Missions

Hudson Refugee Camp – Infected civilians have sought shelter in a camp at the Hudson Rail Yards. Secure the civilians to ensure Dr. Kandel and her staff can retrieve critical blood samples.

Rewards: 15 Phoenix Credits, Specialized Crafting Materials, 11,000 Credits, 1 Specialized Equipment Item

Normal difficulty level: 7

Tech – Police Academy – A transponder from a first wave Division agent has begun signaling from inside the New York police academy. Investigate the beacon and gather any evidence you find.

Rewards: 15 Phoenix Credits, Specialized Crafting Materials, 13,500 Credits, 1 Specialized Equipment Item

Normal difficulty level: 16

Daily Challenging Mission

Security – Lexington Event Center – Rikers are holding Joint Task Force personnel at their headquarters on Lexington Avenue. Access the building, neutralize Rikers’ leader Larae Barrett, and free the hostages.

Rewards: 20 Phoenix Credits, High End Crafting Materials, 30 Phoenix Credits, 19250 Credits, High End Gear Item

Normal difficulty level: 20

Superior Vendor Gear

Base of Operations:

  • Number in parenthesis is the amount of credits the item costs.

Advanced Weaponry Vendor:

  • Custom PF45 – Pistol / Talents: Expert and Toxic (44,785 C)
  • Double Barrel Sawed Off – Shotgun / Talents: Dominant and Responsive (64,405 C)
  • EXPS3 Holographic Sight – Small Optics Mod / +16% Optimal Range and +17.5% Headshot Damage (33,337 C)
  • Reflex Sight – Tan – Small Optics Mod / +17.5 Optimal Range and +6% Critical Hit Chance (35,887 C)

Weapon Vendor:

  • Military MK46 – LMG / Talents: Self-preserved and Prepared (56,115 C)

Gear Vendor:

  • Rapid Assault Mask / +8% Health on Kill / +19% Scavenging / +7% Turret duration (33,713 C)

Mods Vendor:

  • Advanced Performance Mod / +8% Scavenging / +5% Ballistic Shield Health (26,275 C)
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