Destiny April Update Preview: New Things To Do, Thoughts, & Screenshots

Destiny April Update

Yesterday, Bungie did the first of three live streams previewing the update coming to Destiny on April 12th, what they’re calling “The April Update.”  If you missed Bungie’s stream yesterday, you can watch the full thing below. They also added a preview page for the April Update on their website, which you can check out by clicking here.

The battered remnants of the Reef are mopping up the lingering Taken forces throughout the system. The worst have been captured by the Awoken and await judgment in the Prison of Elders, but a pretender to Oryx’s vacant throne has escaped Variks’ vengeful grasp. Hunt the dark beast down before he grows too powerful and reap the rewards that await you. The April Update is available on 4.12.2016 for all Destiny: The Taken King players.

  • Max Light Raised to 335

New challenges demand that you become even more powerful to overcome them. Difficulty and Rewards have both been increased in Prison of Elders, Court of Oryx, Heroic Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, and in the King’s Fall Raid, as well as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris.

  • Two New Prison of Elders Modes

For the first time, face the Taken and eight updated bosses in a Level 41 version of Prison of Elders. Visit Variks to partake in a brand new mode, Challenge of the Elders, featuring scoring, weekly boss battles, gameplay twists, and rewards.

Claim an Elders’ Sigil from Variks each week in The Reef, and put your Fireteam to the test against three consecutive boss waves. The bosses and the gameplay modifiers change each week, for a total of sixteen unique encounters. Your score is tracked on the Elders’ Sigil, and on Leaderboards.

  • New Quest w/ New Mission & New “Blighted Chalice” Strike

The Taken King is dead. Yet still his armies claw at our worlds. Even as you led the assault on the Dreadnaught, a powerful would-be Taken Prince fled for the safety of the shadows. Hunt him down before he grows too powerful.

  • Winter’s Run Updated With Taken Archon Priest

A cell, from the Prison of Elders! The Taken now corrupt this territory where the Fallen House of Winter once attempted to raise a powerful Archon Priest. Fight your way to the cell. Stop the Taken surge.

  • Kingsfall Normal drops increased to light level 320.
  • Kingsfall Hard drops increased to light level 330.
  • Court of Oryx Artifact Drops increased to light level 335

Next week, we’ll learn more about the gear we can earn, customization’s, and progression.

Prison of Elders April Update

Smith’s Sentiment

As a hardcore Destiny player, I am VERY excited for the April update. I couldn’t be happier with what they showed and teased with the first stream.

Destiny has been my top game since its launch, and really since the alpha released. It’s my go-to, and even if I play other games, I always manage to fit in some Destiny and I’m never away from it for too long (maybe a few days to a week here and there without playing it at least a little bit).

The new gear that we’ve seen in the images (and there’s a whole gallery coming up below) look fantastic. I can’t wait to earn this new stuff.

As someone who still hasn’t hit 320 and doesn’t do a lot of raiding at the moment, I couldn’t be happier with the return of Prison of Elders as the end-game content. Especially since the Challenge of the Elders mode looks so much easier and better, and vastly more rewarding, than the pain that was Skolas a year ago.

I’m excited for the score based Challenge of the Elders, and that it operates almost like a PVE Trials of Osiris with a guaranteed up to 335 weapon and armor drop. This is end game content I need right now, in part because it only requires two others (which is a lot easier than getting five more together for a raid) and also because it’s not going to take too long. Plus, I always found Prison of Elders fun. Except for Skolas.

I’m excited to simply do the level 41 Prison, where you can get gear up to 320 from. Removing the key requirement to open the chest, and still allowing the chest to possibly award an exotic, means we finally have something we can play as much as we want in a week and still be rewarded for. That’s fantastic, and I’ll probably be in POE quite a bit once April 12th rolls around.

I’m also glad that they’re making Court of Oryx relevant again. I have a ton of Tier 3 runes just sitting in my inventory, so it’ll be nice to finally use them as I hunt for some 335 artifacts.

The new strike looks fun (and by that I mean the boss looks cool, we didn’t actually see the strike itself). This has to be where the Hunter legendary helmet Hood of Malok drops, and I’ve wanted that since it was first shown in the database (especially since Titans and Warlocks had their strike exclusive helmets and we Hunter’s had nothing but cloaks).

Winter’s Run was always a favorite strike of mine in year one, so I’m especially happy to see that it’s coming to year two and that it’s been Taken at that. The Archon Priest himself has been Taken, and thus has new abilities. That’s going to be a lot of fun.

They said, “difficulty and rewards have both been increased in Prison of Elders, Court of Oryx, Heroic Strikes, Nightfall Strikes…” and I am really curious to see exactly how the difficulty and rewards in Heroic Strikes and Nightfall have been increased. I hope it isn’t just a matter of raising the light level. Heroic Strikes need modifiers on them, and the Nightfall strike needs its namesake modifier back as well. Really hope the rewards have truly been increased, because right now the Nightfall just isn’t worth doing, and that’s sad because I never missed one during the first year.

So with all of that said, with just what we know right now, I am incredibly hyped for the April update. I can’t wait to jump back into the Prison.

Are you excited for what Bungie has shown of the April update thus far?

Below is a gallery of images showing off the Prison of Elders, the new strikes, and the new quests. You can see some sweet looking armor and weapons in these images, which just makes me pumped for the gear stream coming this Wednesday.

Prison of Elders

At The Gates Quest

Blighted Chalice Strike

Taken Winter’s Run

The Reef

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