Where’d The Wrestling Go? Introducing Pro Wrestling Post (

Pro Wrestling Post

Last month I published a site address saying there was a renewed focus on pro wrestling here on Vortex Effect, and that going forward the site would be largely wrestling based. That’s not the case anymore. In fact, you may have noticed that there’s now zero wrestling content on the site. Even the “state of the site address” is gone.

So what happened?

That’s easy to answer; I moved it. I do have a bit of a renewed focus on wrestling. I have two projects in the works, one that I’m actively working on (some of you may know this to be a book I’m writing), that are wrestling related.

I want those things to be branded a certain way. That, combined with the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people subscribed to the site because of non-wrestling content. The wrestling stuff has its audience, sure, but for the most part, people who routinely visit this site or find it through a search have done so because of gaming or entertainment and more so because of the reviews. And of course, Destiny was and still is huge for the site.

So does it make sense to shove wrestling down the inboxes of people who subscribed to the site because of non-wrestling content? I don’t think so, and the people who unsubscribed didn’t think so either.

To get Vortex Effect back to what it made it more popular to begin with, and to still satisfy my want/need to do more wrestling stuff, I have completely divorced wrestling content from

With that, yesterday I officially launched a new sister-site for all things wrestling related: Pro Wrestling Post, aka

All of our old wrestling content is there, although some work needs to be done on the older posts so that they better fit with what I’m doing with It’s a site that will be frequently updated with news, previews, reviews, and columns but not updated every time someone says something on Twitter. It’s not going to be that type of a news site. Also, just because The Rock or CM Punk say or do something doesn’t make it wrestling news, and so we won’t cover it. We will, however, on occasion, cover some UFC on PWPost.

If you liked our wrestling stuff and want more of it, you can find it at Go there, read some, like, comment, and subscribe. Help us build it up.

As for Vortex Effect, some work needs to be done in the clean up department behind the scenes. It’s strictly a gaming and entertainment (movies and television) blog now.  News, trailers, reviews, and sporadic opinion pieces. And probably more Destiny content inbound.

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I'm Gary Smith, aka "PatriotPaine." I'm the Editor-in-Chief of I'm usually posting news and reviews, and doing all the back end stuff as well. I like to play games, watch movies, wrestling, and college football (Roll Tide Roll).

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