Destiny Daily 6/23/16: Enemy of My Enemy and Salvage

Destiny Daily - Rise of Iron Banner


The streak of two year one story missions as the Daily Heroic comes to an end today as we’re back to a Taken King mission. I wish they would make the Daily go in story order instead of it just being a random thing with a heavy emphasis on Taken King stories and quest missions.

Xur comes around tomorrow, so be getting your strange coins in order. I did buy Radiant Dance Machines from Xur last week, but that was only because it was a 100% perfect Discipline/Strength roll with more sniper rifle ammo. I also spent all of my strange coins on Motes of Light. I want Three of Coins to go away and haven’t bought any in awhile, but I’ve been buying Motes because I use a ton of them and want to try and build up a stockpile of a thousand plus before Rise of Iron comes out in September.

Moving on, it’s time to look at the Daily Heroic.

Destiny Daily Heroic

Enemy of My Enemy

Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Assault the Cabal ship crashed on the Dreadnaught. Learn what they know about Oryx and his defenses.

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks



The hardest thing about this mission is finding the two statues to scan. Sometimes they’re right there easy to see and it’s quick. And don’t forget to actually stand at the statue while it scans, since for some reason you have to stay until the scan finishes otherwise you’ll have to scan it again.

The mission itself is fairly straightforward. I would say the hardest enemy is the Echo of Oryx, simply because you’ll be fighting him without your super (unless you pop it as soon as he comes out) and there get to be a lot of other enemies attacking you and spamming your vision. However, if you have Sleeper Simulant, just use that. He’ll be dead before he can even move and certainly before the rest of the enemies can become a problem.

Destiny Daily Crucible


 Race the other team to capture and hold relics.

“Treasures and forgotten tech lie waiting in the wake of the Golden Age’s collapse. One must be swift and fierce to claim them.” —Lord Shaxx

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks

// 3v3 Team Objective //

Destiny Daily Vanguard Bounties

Bounty Description
Cosmodrome Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies in the Cosmodrome.
Quick Drops Get 30 precision kills.
Specialized Rampage Get 3 kills within 3 seconds 7 times using a Special Weapon.
Enemy In Every Corner Get 5 kills within 3 seconds 5 times.
House Breaking Defeat 10 Fallen Majors or Utras.
Hive Hunting Defeat 50 Hive.

You can complete four bounties in today’s Daily Heroic;  Quick Drops, Specialized Rampage, Enemy In Every Corner, and Hive Hunting. I recommend using a fusion rifle and just blasting the Thrall that come out of the portal since there will be so many of them, but a sidearm would work fine too if you need sidearm kills or just want to mop up the Quick Drops bounty.

As for Fallen Majors, while The Archive is a great spot to do this quickly, I recommend just doing Patrol Cosmodrome in The Divide or Rocket Yard since you need to kill enemies in the Cosmodrome anyway.

Destiny Daily Crucible Bounties

Bounty Description
Practical Shooting Defeat 7 opposing Guardians with Primary Weapons.
Alpha Strike Get the first kill in a Crucible match.
Crash Landing Defeat 2 opposing Guardians with a single Fist of Havoc activation.
Back Stabber Defeat an opposing Guardian from behind using Blink Strike.
Flame Touched Defeat an opposing Guardian in the Crucible using Scorch.
Team Extraction Successfully recover a Salvage Relic as a team.
Probe Defense Defeat opposing Guardians while an allied Salvage Probe is active.
Team That Grenades Together As a Fireteam of 2 or more players, defeat 7 opposing Guardians with grenade abilities.

Destiny Daily Close


Today is Thursday, and that of course means that later today Bungie will post their “This Week At Bungie” blog. DeeJ has already stated on Twitter that today’s post will include some information regarding the “broken” status of Destiny this past week that resulted in both Trials and Iron Banner being cancelled, plus some other issues.

Hopefully we get some news on that front and Iron Banner can happen next week. Of course, I’ll have the weekly Bungie post up here on the site this afternoon as well.

That’s going to do it for today. Have a good one, Guardians.

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