#NowGaming – What We’re Playing This Week

Now Gaming

Gary “PatriotPaine” Smith – Playing: NCAA Football ’14 (PS3)

I just recently fired up my PS3 for the first time in quite a while. Fired it up for two reasons, I want to do another playthrough of Red Dead Redemption and get a 100% save file back, and because it’s getting close to time for some college football. EA still has the servers up NCAA Football, thankfully, so I’m doing a online dynasty with Sandman. In the online one, I’m coaching Troy to start with but will be exploring options via the coaching carousel at the end of the season. We’re currently going into our fourth game. Outside of the online dynasty, I also have a new offline one going as Alabama.

Playing NCAA Football again just really, really makes me wish that stupid lawsuit would have never happened so we could still get new NCAA games. Madden simply isn’t an alternative; I don’t like NFL and the NCAA games played better, in my opinion. My PS3 struggles to read discs (I have to insert it, take it out, insert it again and tilt the PS3 backwards and all sorts of stuff to finally be able to play), so I really wish I could play a new NCAA game on PS4. There’s of course a good chance that could happen at some point in the future, but for now NCAA Football ’14 will have to continue to suffice.

Also Playing: Destiny, NBA 2K16

Brian “Sandman” Hall – Playing: Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360)

Since Patriot already covered our NCAA online dynasty (I’m starting out with Old Dominion University), I’ll go ahead and talk about the conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy. This has been one of my favorite game series ever since I picked up the first game as a $20 Greatest Hits years ago. Like most games, I’m very late getting to this, but it is still fantastic as the universe’s battle against the Reapers comes to a head. Naturally there’s a lot of politicking and doing favors in order to get support from other advanced races to join the cause. As I write this, I am presently in the middle of a DLC storyline, with plenty of main story and side missions to go.

I started ME3 about 2 months ago, and while I should be much further along now, but I finally got real internet recently, so I’ve been side tracked with the online NCAA Dynasty with Patriot, an online NBA 2K16 league with Patriot and Doc Monk, and trying out some other online games and a few streaming services. And as Patriot said, we need a new NCAA game.

Also Playing: NCAA ’14, NBA 2K16, Destiny

What games are you playing over this 4th of July week? Let us know in the comments below.

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