WWE RAW 7/11/16 Preview: Vince McMahon Returns

WWE RAW 7/11/16

Tonight, WWE presents Monday Night RAW from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI. With just one week remaining until the WWE Draft, chairman Vince McMahon returns to RAW tonight presumably to announce the COO’s who will run RAW and Smackdown.

Also tonight, Zack Ryder will issue a face-to-face challenge to Rusev and a battle royal to crown a #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship will take place.

RAW airs tonight at 7pm CT on USA Network. Below is the full preview of tonight’s show, courtesy of

He’s back ...

Mr. McMahon gave his children, Shane and Stephanie, shared custody over Monday Night Raw, but ironically, it’s SmackDown Live that has caused friction between the two siblings. With both McMahons declaring their intentions to run SmackDown come Tuesday, July 19 (and fending off would-be usurpers ranging from Corporate Kane to John Laurinaitis) and the Brand Extension fast approaching, The Chairman is slated to return to Raw in the very same building where Shane himself made his comeback earlier this year. Could Mr. McMahon be on the verge of an executive decision? Or does he have a different COO in mind for SmackDown Live?

They’re here

The Wyatt Family laid down an unorthodox challenge to The New Day last week, inviting the WWE Tag Team Champions to visit their compound and test the true Power of Positivity. Big E and Kofi Kingston were all for it, but Xavier Woods was notably subdued and wary of the consequences. Woods has confirmed that he’ll accompany his boys to the creepy clan’s home turf, but whether The New Day will withstand encounter with the First Family of Fear remains to be seen.

Woo-S-A! Woo-S-A!

Zack Ryder’s year hit its biggest peak since WrestleMania when he scored the victory for Team U.S.A. on the Independence Day Raw by pinning Sheamus in a 16-Man Elimination Tag Team Match. He then toppled the Irishman a second time on SmackDown, leaving the former WWE Champion in a simmering rage. The Ultimate Broski then challenged Rusev for the U.S. Championship; The Bulgarian Brute dared Ryder in response to say it to his face on Raw. Can Long Island Iced-Z reverse Rusev’s freight-train momentum?

You can’t “G” me

Well, whadya know? After weeks of being brutalized by those “cuppa’ haters” in The Club, John Cena got himself some help in the form of Enzo Amore & Big Cass, who threw in with the Cenation leader not out of some sense of loyalty, but more out of the general principle of refusing to bow down to the locker room bullies. That’s admirable, but the bond among The Club is made of much stronger stuff, and they were quick to make an example of Enzo on SmackDown. The mission statement between Cena and his crew is going to have to be ironclad if they’re going to send the good brothers packing at WWE Battleground. Look for this new partnership to either hit its stride or go off the rails this Monday night.

Intercontinental incident

The Miz narrowly managed to save his Intercontinental Championship a couple of weeks ago on Raw, but The A-Lister will have to return to set very soon: A Battle Royal to determine his No. 1 contender will unfold this on Raw in Detroit, and it’s anyone’s guess as to who will step up to challenge the reigning titleholder. What plot twist awaits the most accomplished thespian in the WWE locker room this Monday night?

Rollins’ last stand?

With Roman Reigns on the shelf, Seth Rollins has spent his days racking up wins and besmirching the reputation of the former WWE Champion. What he hasn’t been doing, at least not that much, is concentrating on Dean Ambrose. The current WWE Champion has mostly gotten the better of Rollins in their recent tussles, and The Architect’s insistence on focusing on the one Shield veteran in the WWE Battleground Triple Threat who isn’t there has been putting him at a notable disadvantage against the one who actually beat him for the title. He’ll need to change his strategy a little if he really wants to “reclaim” at WWE Battleground. To see how, or if, Rollins adjusts his game plan, tune into Raw this Monday at 8/7 C, live on USA Network. And be sure to tune into Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, only on the award-winning WWE Network.

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