Heath Slater Launches GoFundMe Fundraiser to Help West Virginia Flood Victims

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Heath Slater

WWE Superstar and Social Outcasts member Heath Slater has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help victims of the West Virginia flood.

West Virginia was was hit with serious storms in late June that destroyed over 1,500 homes while damaging over 4,000 more.

Heath Slater told

“I took it upon myself to go to West Virginia. I went up to Clay County. They got hit really hard, and I had the most shocking-slash-humbling experience up there.”

The fundraiser was launched on June 28th and has thus far raised over $3,500 in 13 days. The fundraiser has a goal of $25,000.

As a born and raised WV Moutaineer, those rolling hills will always be home. No matter where I go in the world, WV is in my blood. Seeing the devastation that has taken  hold of so many of my fellow Mountaineers is heartbreaking. I am asking you to band together to make the relief efforts a success. There are families that have lost their entire homes, there are children who have lost their parents, people who have lost their lives and people who are still missing. In a time where there is so much hate in the world, lets reach out and show these people that there is plenty of love left too.

Every penny that we collect during our compaign  for the victims of the floods will go directly to LEGITIMATE charitable organizations who are working one on one with the areas effected. Keep in mind that the devastation stretches for miles and miles, effecting many different counties. Local fire departments who are traveling to people who have not yet been able to be reached because their bridges have been washed out, churches who are housing displaced children, restaurants who are feeding the hungry… these are the poeple who will recieve the funds that we raise.

If you have the resources and want to help out, visit the GoFundMe page and donate.

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