6 Things You Should Be Doing Now to Prepare for Rise of Iron

6 Ways to Prepare for Destiny Rise of Iron

Guardians! There are only THREE more weeks until Rise of Iron releases. A lot of us having taking a break during the months after the fantastic April Update, myself and pretty much my whole clan included (if you need a clan on PS4, look up Iron Deathstalkers and send a request and make sure to mention Vortex Effect).

But now is the time to jump back into the fray and help push back the Darkness. There’s only three weeks left, and that means your window to prepare is closing fast. And there’s a number of things you should be doing to make the most gains forward on day one.

So, fire up your copy of Destiny and get to work Guardian, because these are the things you should be doing now to prepare for Rise of Iron on September 20th:

Rise of Iron Screenshot 1

Edge Your Factions Up

When Rise of Iron releases, ranking up a faction will result in you being able to pick whether or not you want a random faction weapon or a random faction armor piece. With the light level increasing from 335 to 385 (and eventually 400 with the hard mode raid), one can probably safely assume that vendor gear will be higher light than it currently is (280). If I had to guess, I’d say between 350 and 360, and I’d lean more towards 360. When the Taken King light cap was 310, the vendor gear was 280 and that’s really around the light level you needed to be to enter the raid. If this is known for sure information one way or the other and I missed it, please let me know.

If vendor gear is 360 light, then faction packages is going to be a great way to potentially three new legendary items on each character. Now the way packages are now, they drop based on your light level. So a 335 is getting 334 or 335 gear from the packages. I see no reason that’s going to change. So while the item you get from these packages probably won’t be too much higher than your current light (I’d guess probably between 335 and 340 or so), they will be a couple of items you can dismantle (if you don’t want) for legendary marks that can be put towards buying some of that possibly 360 light gear.

Regardless, what you want to do is edge up two of your three factions (Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult, and make sure they’re at least rank two to begin with). Get two of them to where one bounty (or some weapons part, whatever) will rank them up for a package. The reason you want two is because you can only change factions once a week. So if you’re a Dead Orbit person, edge Dead Orbit up and then switch to another faction and edge them up and stay there. When Rise of Iron launches, you can rank up New Monarchy, get a package, and then switch to Dead Orbit and rank them up for another package.  Do this on all three characters for six legendaries. If you run multiples of the same class, well you’re going to get your light up even faster doing this.

You could possibly get a third or fourth package when you factor in Vanguard and Crucible using bounties, but with the way rep is divided between Vanguard + Faction and Crucible + Faction, it would take some mighty careful planning and probably some luck to make that happen. It also wouldn’t hurt to edge up your Gunsmith rank (to where you’d at least hit rank 3) for a quick package when Armsday arrives the day after Rise of Iron launches.

Rise of Iron Screenshot 2

Save Unwanted Legendaries and Stop Infusing

Go through your vault and take not of all the Taken King legendary weapons and armor that you have and know you’re not going to use. Maybe you’ve just got a lot of infusion fuel sitting in the vault. Save it and don’t infuse anything.

You can get all of your gear to 335, but what’s the point? If it’s a weapon you like, you’re just going to need to infuse it up again to an even higher light. So why waste the materials.

Instead, look at all that infusion fuel sitting in your vault as legendary marks. These are the items you’ll be dismantling once Rise of Iron releases. You walk over to Dead Orbit and see the vendor rolls on a few guns are really good and you want them, and they’re potentially 360 light. You buy one, and you don’t have the marks for the others. That’s where your vault full of useless legendaries come in. Go dismantle them for easy marks, and buy that second weapon. Now you’ve got a primary and a secondary both at 360 light, you’re making progress and are already ahead of the curve.

Everything you have now should be saved. There’s no reason to infuse anything, and no reason to dismantle anything (that gives legendary marks). Save it all for when Rise of Iron launches and maximize your buying potential.

Rise of Iron Screenshot 3

Max Out Glimmer and Legendary Marks

Spend the week before Rise of Iron releases maxing out your Glimmer and your Legendary Marks. You can do this with relative ease playing less than 30 minutes a day, although the glimmer is going to take longer to max than the legendary marks will. You can get 30 Marks a day just buy doing the daily story mission and the daily crucible playlist. You can get an additional 30 for the week by doing three heroic strikes. Use the appropriate ghost (or a consumable) and rack up the glimmer while you do this.

The reason you want to do this the week before instead of now is because there’s other things you can be doing with the glimmer and the legendary marks right now. There’s no reason to sit on them for three weeks. Use your glimmer to stock up on weapon parts, telemetries, or synths. Use your legendary marks to stock up planetary materials or any items that you still want/need before they go away.

Just make sure you’re capped when Rise of Iron launches.

Rise of Iron Screenshot 4

Farm Three of Coins and Save All Engrams

You can either sit on your stash of Three of Coins until Rise of Iron launches, or you can occasionally pop one while doing the preparing phases. Either way, you should be saving every exotic, legendary, and rare engram that drops.

No, these engrams aren’t going to decrypt into Rise of Iron items (I’d be completely shocked, it has never worked that way for DLC), BUT they are great for Cryptarch rep which when ranked up will drop engrams that decode into Rise of Iron items. Now sure, you’re more than likely going to get two blue engrams, but maybe you get a legendary engram. Maybe one of these rare engrams decrypt into a legendary, or you get a legendary that decrypts into a new exotic. Anything is possible.

Why decrypt them now when you know you aren’t going to get anything when you can turn a ton in at one time and potentially get something of use? Besides, it’s just a lot of fun to decode a ton of engrams at once.

Rise of Iron Screenshot 5

Fill Up Your Bounty Slots With Completed Bounties

You have 16 bounty slots available. When Rise of Iron releases, you should have 16 completed bounties waiting to turn in. And pay attention to the bounties. With the Vanguard, some are worth 3,000 XP and 65 REp, and others are worth 2,500 XP and 50 Rep. You want to hold on to as many of the 3,000 XP ones as you can.

You’ll want to hold on to these until you get a new weapon or armor piece that you like (either from a package or by buying one from the vendor). Equip that item (or items) and then use your bounties. This is a great way to level up your new gear without having to spend more Motes of Light to do it, plus a great way to help rank up the Vanguard (or Crucible if that’s what you prefer).

On the Crucible front, your two sets of weekly bounties give 3,750 XP and 75 Rep each. So you may want to hold to those for the last week instead of Vanguard ones. You definitely want to hold on to your True Meaning of War bounty. That one gives 5,000 XP and 200 Crucible Rep, plus who knows whether or not it’ll reward a new Rise of Iron weapon or armor, possibly a new exotic.

Do your bounties, and save them for quick and easy XP for your new gear and some good Rep.

Rise of Iron Screenshot 6

Stock Up on Materials

Finally, stock up on materials. Use your glimmer now to purchase Weapon Parts, Telemetries, and Ammo Synths. Again, max out your glimmer in the week before Rise of Iron. Spend your Legendary Marks now on planetary materials. You can get a stack of 20 Spinmetal and so on for 10 Legendary Marks. You get Spinmetal, Spirit Bloom, Helium Filaments, and Relic Iron from the Vanguard Quartermaster. If you need Wormspore, well hit up the Dreadnaught and get to farming. Replenish your Marks and max them out during the week before Rise of Iron.

With how easy it is to get Legendary Marks, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have hundreds of each planetary material come Rise of Iron. These are going to help you infuse all of the new gear you’ll be getting.

Finally, spend a little time each day doing Public Events on Patrol for Motes of Light, and play some Crucible or do Prison of Elders for Motes of Light and Strange Coins. Strange Coins especially. I know it’s been a long time since Xur sold anything anyone wanted, but if you’ve been blowing through your coins to buy Three of Coins or Glass Needles, now is the time to start accumulating them. You don’t want to miss out on some sweet new exotic because you don’t have the coins.


Rise of Iron launches on September 20th, exclusively for PS4 and Xbox One. Get out there Guardians, take down the SIVA thread, avenge the Iron Lords, and become a new Iron Lord. Gear up and enter the new raid, Wrath of the Machine, on September 23rd.

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