Destiny Daily 11/2/2016: Blighted Coven, Control

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So yesterday at 12pm CT, Bungie activated the Challenge Mode for Vosik. It’s a great way to get a ton of loot if you do it on hard mode, which will also net you an emblem, a perfected ornament, and an exotic engram. Here’s the challenge for those who don’t know what it is:

Guardians have to activate two of the clean rooms after each DPS phase using the two SIVA bombs that drop during the DPS phase. Then you have to defeat Vosik on the 3rd phase.

I won’t get to try it until this weekend, but good look to all of you who will be taking the challenge. Let us know what loot you get in the comments down below.

Today is Armsday, and we’ll have a separate post going up a little later for that. If you missed it yesterday, here’s the post covering the Weekly Reset.

Now let’s get to it…

Destiny Daily Heroic

Blighted Coven

Old Russia, Earth

Investigate the rumors of a Taken coven in the Cosmodrome.

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks


This quest is pretty simple and fast as you never even leave the Steppes. The Taken and the Blights on the ground can be frustrating, just because the Taken usually are, but once get underground and have to kill the wizards its a breeze. I’d recommend Raze Lighter to make quick work of everything.

Destiny Daily Crucible


Capture zones to increase points for every kill.

“It’s a tactical exercise in reinforcing and defending acquired territory. Should the Vanguard ever decide to expand past the walls of the City, the Guardians will be ready.” —Lord Shaxx

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks

// 6v6 Team Obejective //

Destiny Daily Vanguard Bounties

Bounty Description
Invincible! Get 30 kills without dying.
Shining Light Get 30 Super kills.
Deathless Earn 10,000 XP without dying.
Oryx’s Horde Defeat 50 Taken.
Hive Hunting Defeat 50 Hive.
Lunar Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on the Moon.


Your best bet is to just do these through normal play. You should be able to get Invincible and Oryx’s Horde by doing the Daily Heroic.

Destiny Daily Crucible Bounties

Bounty Description
Crucible Journeyman Complete a Crucible match with an individual score of at least 1500 points.
Organized Play Complete 3 matches in any playlist(s) while in a Fireteam of 2 or more players.
Meticulous Defense Defeat 3 opposing Guardians in or near an allied Control zone.
Stonewall In Control, defeat opposing Guardians while your team holds 2 or more zones.
Reliable Hardware Win a match with at least 9 primary weapon kills.

Destiny Daily - Patriot's Adventures

Yesterday I solo’d the Nightfall, which is something I’ve been doing a lot since Rise of Iron came out. It’s a challenge that I used to love doing during year one, and did so every week, but really stopped doing most Nightfalls all together after Taken King came out.

There’s a cheese spot at the boss which makes him not so bad, but man getting to the boss can be a real pain. I didn’t have any issues at the beginning or during the unlocking the door waves, but the part where you have to ride the tombship was frustrating. I died a few times here.

It may have been easier if I had taken the time to kill everything, but I typically just rushed to the ship and tried to abuse going invisible. The shanks were the real problem for me, although every so often a boomer Knight would nail me and almost kill me instantly. I still have my Warlock and Titan to do it on, so I’ll have to do a different strategy since they can’t go invisible.

My reward was an exotic engram (heavy that turned into a 399 Super Good Advice… I was 399 and my heavy was 398, so I was hoping to get a 400 heavy but no dice) and a 400 cloak.

If you’ve done the Nightfall this week, what did you get?

Destiny Daily Close


That’ll do it for today Guardians. The Armsday Guide is coming soon, and will likely be up by the time most of you even read this.

I’ll see you all tomorrow morning for another day of Destiny Daily.

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