Destiny Daily 11/4/2016: Queen’s Ransom, Supremacy

Destiny Daily - Rise of Iron Banner



It’s Friday once more, and that can only mean two things in Destiny: Xur has arrived in the Reef, and Trials of Osiris returns.

This week Xur is in The Reef, and that’s perfect since The Reef really only gets any attention during the weekend anyway when folks go there to buy their Trials passages. You can see Xur’s inventory for this week by clicking here.

There’ll be a separate post for Trials of Osiris a little after 12pm CT, so look for that if you’re into Trials.

With that out of the way, here’s what’s on top for Destiny today:

Destiny Daily Heroic

Queen’s Ransom

Ishtar Sink, Venus

Follow Skolas into Vex territory to aid in his capture for the Queen.

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks


This one is straightforward. It can be somewhat tough if you don’t burn Skolas down, but using a Gjallarhorn or Sleeper Simulant will take him out pretty quickly.

Destiny Daily Crucible


Defeat your opponents, and take their Crests.

“A Guardian’s Crest is her honor. Claim them from opponents, and protect your own.” —Lord Shaxx

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks

// 6v6 Team Objective //

Destiny Daily Vanguard Bounties

Bounty Description
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Kill 15 enemies with attachable grenades.
Enemy in Every Corner Get 5 kills within 3 seconds 5 times.
Shining Light Get 30 Super kills.
Armor Breaker Defeat 50 Cabal.
House Breaking Defeat 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras.
Venus Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on Venus.


Destiny Daily Crucible Bounties

Bounty Description
Sharpshooter Defeat 3 opposing Guardians with precision shots.
Can’t Touch Us As a Fireteam of 2 or more players, defeat 5 opposing Guardians without anyone in your Fireteam dying.
Confirming the Kill Defeat opposing Guardians and collect their Crests, or have an ally collect them.
Not Today Deny opposing Guardians by collecting friendly Guardian Crests.
Healthy Balance Complete a match with at least 10 kills and no more than 7 deaths.

Destiny Daily Close

That’s going to do it for today. There probably won’t be a Destiny Daily tomorrow, and that’s just because I’ve never liked doing it on the weekend. We’ll see.

If you venture forth in the Trials of Osiris this weekend, I wish you good luck.

Have a wonderful weekend Guardians!

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