Destiny Daily 11/7/2016: The Iron Tomb, Rift

Destiny Daily - Rise of Iron Banner



Today is the final day of The Festival of the Lost, so if you still have stuff you need to complete for that you have until reset to get it done.

Tomorrow at noon sees the return of the Iron Banner, and I can’t wait for that. The mode will be control, and really I’m just excited to be able to easily stock up on 400 Light gear without having to use exotic engrams. If you’re in that 390 Light range and have been struggling to move up, Iron Banner is a fantastic way to do it so be ready for that tomorrow.

Onwards to today’s activities…

Destiny Daily Heroic

The Iron Tomb

Old Russia, Earth

Descend to the SIVA replication chamber, and end the threat once and for all.

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks


This is the last story mission from the Rise of Iron campaign. If you have Three of Coins, and have some time, this is a great mission to use them on to farm exotics. The mission itself is both fun and easy, and I personally think the final boss fight is amongst the coolest/best in the game (excluding raids).

Destiny Daily Crucible


Collect the Spark and ignite the enemy’s Rift with it.

“This all started as a Warlock focus drill. The things I’ve seen them do with Rifts would be…very useful on a battlefield.” —Lord Shaxx

* Rewards 15 Legendary Marks

// 6v6 Team Objective //

Destiny Daily Vanguard Bounties

Bounty Description
Into the Void Get 30 Void weapon kills.
Kill It with Fire Get 30 kills with Solar weapons.
Invincible! Get 30 kills without dying.
Eliksni Hunting Defeat 50 Fallen.
Hunting the Exalted Defeat 10 Hive Majors or Ultras.
Cosmodrome Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on the Cosmodrome.

You can complete all of these by doing the Siege of the Warmind mission on heroic difficulty. Just run around the Forgotten Shore to kill 50 Fallen before heading down into Rasputin’s bunker. Easy.

Destiny Daily Crucible Bounties

Bounty Description
Crucible Journeyman Complete a Crucible match with an individual score of at least 1500 points.
Team That Grenades Together As a Fireteam of 2 or more players, defeat 7 opposing Guardians with grenade abilities.
Halt! Stop an opposing Runner in a Rift match.
It’s Progress In Rift, make forward progress as a Runner.
Killing Wind Rapidly defeat 3 Guardians.

Destiny Daily Close


Again, Iron Banner comes around tomorrow and today is the last day of The Festival of the Lost and of course the last day before the Weekly Reset.

I’ll be back tomorrow morning with another Destiny Daily, and also the Destiny Weekly post as well as the Iron Banner Guide.

Until then, have a good one Guardians!

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