Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel Return to TNA

Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel return to TNA

Anthem Media finalized their purchase of a majority share of TNA Wrestling yesterday, relegating Dixie Carter to a minority share holder and adviser and effectively removing her from any decision making role.

Well Anthem is wasting no time in showing that Dixie truly doesn’t have decision making authority anymore as confirms that Jeff Jarrett has agreed to return to TNA in a management role and is expected to be at the Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando tonight with his wife Karen Jarrett. Furthermore, Jarrett’s long time creative partner, Dutch Mantel (recently known as Zeb Colter in WWE) will also be returning to the company and will be working the tapings tonight (likely in a creative capacity).

Co-founder of TNA, Jarrett resigned from TNA in December 2013 and launched a new organization called Global Force Wrestling. Jarrett briefly returned to TNA in 2014 to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and sell his remaining shares of TNA to Dixie Carter.

According to PWInsider, Jarrett’s return to TNA will not impact his work on GFW. Jarrett is still working with A. Smith & Co. Productions (American Ninja Warrior) on acquiring a television deal for GFW.


Smith’s Sentiment I like this. Apparently no major changes in terms of TNA story lines and roster will happen until around March, but I like knowing that Jarrett and Mantel will have a role within TNA again. Just knowing that Dixie Carter is basically now a non-factor gives me some hope for the future of TNA, and while it certainly wasn’t perfect under Jarrett and Mantel in the past, it was certainly world’s better than the last few years under Dixie’s total control. I may even tune in tonight for the first time in a long time just to show some support.

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