Destiny Daily 2/10/17: Download Complete, Rumble

Destiny Daily - Rise of Iron

Daily Heroic: Download Complete (Story)

Meridian Bay, Mars Open the forgotten archives at Clovis Bray, and search for a way to defend against SIVA.

Daily Crucible: Rumble (Free for All)

The Crucible “Pure combat. Your only job is to make sure you’re still standing when the dust settles.” —Lord Shaxx

Kill everything. Watch your back.

Vanguard Bounties

Name Description
A Kell’s Hand Get 20 melee kills without dying.
Fast Striker Kill 30 enemies without taking damage from them.
Font of Light Generate 20 Orbs of Light.
Armor Breaker Defeat 50 Cabal.
Elite Breaker Defeat 10 Cabal Majors or Ultras.
Lunar Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on the Moon.

Vanguard Elite Bounties

Name Description
Called Shots Get assists to earn “Concentrated Fire” medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Secondary Fire Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with a Special Weapon to earn “Special Streak”, “Special Spree”, or “Special Rampage” Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Perpetual Light Generate orbs of Light to earn “Cycle of Light” medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Look, No Ghost Complete a Strike in the SIVA Crisis Playlist without dying to earn an “Indestructible” Medal.
Vanguard Elite Complete Strikes in the SIVA Crisis Playlist to earn points.
Pugilist Kill enemies with melee attacks to earn “Takedown” medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.

Crucible Bounties

Name Description
Brute Force Defeat 1 opposing Guardian with a Heavy Weapon.
Chain Lightning Defeat 2 opposing Guardians with a single Arc Blade activation.
Team Player As a Fireteam, defeat 5 opposing Guardians while assisting or being assisted by Fireteam members.
Heavyweight Collect a Heavy Ammo crate in the Rumble playlist.
Distinguished Rumbler Finish in the top 3 in a Rumble match (minimum 4 players).
Reliable Hardware Win a match with at least 9 primary weapon kills.
Lightning Touched Defeat an opposing Guardian with Thunderstrike in the Crucible.

Queen’s Wrath Bounties

Name Description
Take the Wanted WANTED: Irxori, Lost to Oryx. Cosmodrome. Fireteam recommended.
Take Them Out Kill 12 Consumed or named Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Vex on Mars.
Take Them All Kill 100 Taken.
Queen’s Sovereignty Defeat 50 Fallen in any strike playlist.
Queen’s Ambassador Complete 3 strikes in any strike playlist.
Queen’s Mercy Get 30 Arc kills on the Dreadnaught.
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