Trials of Osiris 2/24/17 – Skyline

Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris Map


Trials of Osiris Bounties

Name Description
Persistence Defeat 10 opposing Guardians in the Trials of Osiris.
Determined Complete 5 Trials of Osiris matches or win 1 Trials match.
Attack of Opportunity Defeat 5 opposing Guardians who have already been damaged by a teammate.
Ticket to Fight Complete a single Trials of Osiris ticket.
Valor’s Reward Earn 75 points in Trials by round wins (+3), losses (+1), and ties (+1). As a Trials Fireteam, defeat 3 opposing Guardians without anyone in your Fireteam dying.
His Eye Upon You Win Trials rounds and defeat opposing Guardians. Fireteam members share progress. This bounty may be completed daily.

Trials Passage

  • Grants you access to Trials of Osiris
  • A passage costs 500 glimmer.
  • A Trials Passage always costs 500 glimmer, regardless if the card is completed or not.

Special Note: You can now purchase Passage Coins or exchange them for Motes of Light. You can purchase these from Brother Vance in the Reef. See below for the exchange rate:

Item Cost
1 Passage Coin 1 Mote of Light
1 Mote of Light 3 Passage Coin


To access the buffs, hit Triangle // Y on your controller while hovered over the Trials Passage Card from your Inventory Screen.

  • Favor of Osiris – Start Trials of Osiris with a Win. Must be purchased before your first match.
  • Mercy of Osiris – Your first loss is forgiven. Must be purchased before your first match.
  • Boldness – Winning your first match awards a bonus win. Must be purchased before your first match.

Buff Information

  • Buffs are NOT shared between fireteam members. Each member will need to purchase their own.
  • If you purchase the Mercy of Osiris and lose while the Mercy of Osiris was active, finish with 9 Wins/0 Loss with 1 actual loss, it will count as a Flawless victory.
  • All buffs must be purchased before the first match.

Flawless Victory Information

  • If you win 9 times without any losses, you get access to The Lighthouse in Mercury.
  • If you get flawless victory multiple times on the same character, the chest on Mercury will not contain any loot after the first time.
  • Using the Mercy of Osiris does not prevent you from a flawless victory.

The Lighthouse Information

  • You get access to a chest that gives you sweet loot.
  • Returning to Orbit will allow you to return to The Lighthouse.

Trials of Osiris Loot

Turning in Trials of Osiris bounties can result in Year 2 Trials items as rewards.

Year 2 Trials items can also be earned as end of match rewards.

A single legendary item is a guarantee upon a Gold Tier Package rewards.

  • 5 Wins – Random Armor
  • 7 Wins – Random Weapon
Possible reward via Gold Tier package
  • Exotic Gear
  • Rare Engrams
  • Legendary Armor (Year 2)
  • Legendary Weapons (Year 2)
  • Ghost (Year 3)

The Lighthouse Chest Loot

A single legendary weapon is a guaranteed upon Lighthouse

Possible weapons (Year 3 – Adept):

  • Vision Stone (Adept) | Auto Rifle
  • Burning Eye (Adept) | Scout Rifle
  • Blind Perdition (Adept) | Pulse Rifle
  • Exile’s Student (Adept) | Hand Cannon

Year 3 Weapon Loot Pool (Non Adept):

  • Vision Stone | Auto Rifle
  • Burning Eye | Scout Rifle
  • Blind Perdition | Pulse Rifle
  • Exile’s Student | Hand Cannon
  • Stellar Vestige | Fusion Rifle
  • The Winged Word | Sniper Rifle
  • Unraveling Thread | Shotgun

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