Patriot’s Playing: Far Cry Primal

Patriot's Playing

Since Destiny launched in 2014 I’ve played relatively little of anything else. Certainly the number of games that I’ve actually beaten since then could probably be counted on one hand. With the news last week that only character appearances and class will carry over to Destiny 2, I’ve sort of been freed from the Destiny grind. By that I mean I just don’t feel the need to play it right now; I don’t need certain weapons with decent rolls and there’s no need to stockpile stuff. At over 2,500 hours, I think I’ve squeezed enough out of it (not that I’m completely done with it, I’ll be right back for a little while when Age of Triumph begins). In the meantime though, I can finally play and finish other games.

I’ve accumulated quite the backlog of games during the last two and a half years. Some of I’ve played and actually beat, some I’ve touched but didn’t get far, and still others sit on the shelf having never even been put in the system. My goal now is to work my way through as many of these games as I can before Destiny 2 comes out this Fall, while also working in Mass Effect Andromeda later this month.

I’ve started this process with a game that I was super interested in before it came out a little over a year ago, but have just now started to play for the first time. This week, Patriot’s Playing: Far Cry Primal.

Far Cry Primal

As of this post, I’m currently eight hours and 15 minutes into the game and roughly 21% completion. As I thought I might, I am absolutely loving everything about Primal. I’m loving it so much that I intend to 100% it and make it my first Platinum since Destiny.

I’m actually kind of mad that I started with this one. Right now I’m playing on normal difficulty to feel for the game, but I’m enjoying it so much that I already want to play through it a second time on the hardest difficulty and with both Survival Mode and permadeath turned on.

Open world games are my favorite, and I’ve long been a sucker for the Ubisoft open world games. I also love using a bow in a game, so this as thus far been completely gold for me. The stone age setting is fantastic and I’ve just been enjoying roaming the world looting, crafting, and killing.

I used to be a big fan of hunting games, and it has been a long time since I last played one, so I’ve been somewhat treating Primal as a hunting game. I’ve done some of the early main missions and brought different Wenja specialist to the village, but I’ve mostly been tackling side quests and hunting. I enjoy the slow paced, stealthy moving through the environment and picking off lesser prey like deer, goats, and birds with my trusty long bow.

Of course animals haven’t been my only target; I’ve slain my fair share of Udam and Izila thus far. I love picking them off when they don’t see me, in large part because getting a headshot on a moving target with a bow just feels good. And the bow play in this game is excellent by the way.

Just last night I tamed my first sabretooth, and I like riding him around the map when trying to get to a mission fast. So much better than walking/sprinting, and controls pretty well to the point where even combat while mounted feels good (I did waste a spear and clubs though by trying to wack an enemy while mounted, not realizing that I’d throw it instead).

So this week I’m pretty much all in on Far Cry Primal. Ideally I hope to complete the story by the end of the week and then do some work on collectibles and trophies, but hopefully get it wrapped up. I don’t see me playing anything else this week.

There are some big hitters that recently came out, like Horizon Zero Dawn and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so what are YOU playing this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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